Saturday, August 29, 2015

One day.

Every once in a while, I dive into my scrap bins when they begin to get unruly and straighten them out. 

Yes, they are unruly and wild! 

Even my dog gets tied up in them! 

I go in and sift out the long skinny pieces that really get tangeled up, and find it is usually my old bindings that are misbehaving among my other scraps. 

So today's untangling means I get to add to my rug stash. 

My rug stash? 

Yep! I took all the old bindings and cut them down to 1" strips, and joined them all together to make big, balls of fabric yarn! 

Because one of these fine days, I will sit down and start crocheting them into the giant rug, that I want to make...(in my spare time, of course) 

I have dreams of it being blues, greens and golds, using up bits and bobs of fabrics from projects I've made, fabrics I purchased and once loved, but now scratch my head wondering why I own it, and even, picking up yardage specifically for this rug.

(Beautiful fabrics loaded with color that will one day rest beneath my size 12 tootsies. )

Will it ever get made? 

Am I only dreaming? 


But when that itch finally needs to be scratched, I will certainly be ready for it! 

And if at least, 
It has kept my hands busy while I try to relax with my root beer, for a few moments.... 

...then I say, CUT IT UP. 
 It's been totally worth the effort. 


  1. Ha, Ha! Great minds and all that. I have the same mess and some rolled into balls. My Grandma made crocheted rag rugs and each of her eight children got one in their Christmas packet. They made the best rugs underfoot when stepping from the shower or bath. I made some years ago with my two sisters. We purposely bought coordinating fabric to make them. Then I realized, Grandma would be rolling in her grave. They are supposed to be made from leftover clothing, sheets etc. Duh!. So now I save all my leftover strips just as you have. And you know what? Those "coordinated" rugs were nowhere near as pretty as the ones Grandma made from whatever.

  2. What a fabulous idea!! Can you tell me what to do with a basket of thread that I have accumulated??

  3. I think it would be a good idea if I learned crochet!!! Better start rolling those balls now - thanks for the inspiration.

  4. You could weave the rugs instead, my great grandmother did. Or have you seen the baskets made with piping and strips like yours wrapped around them, they are beautiful. I am interested in your scrap basket, what is the point where you put fabric into it instead of putting it back on a shelf?

  5. Best laid plans... my stripped scraps are now larger than the ball I started making :P Glad to know I am not the only one :)

  6. You might be interested in the Country Threads "Rug Along." Check out her blog post My scraps are not that organized and ready for making a Rug but it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

  7. I've made a lot of summer dresses and skirts from quilting fabric, and the ones that are old and worn out now have been set aside to cut into strips for eventual rug use. So far not even the cutting has happened, but I do love the idea. Keep going and post updates to inspire us laggards, please!

  8. i save my selvages this way. i don't know what makes some of us do the things that we do, projects on all the burners. i treasure my selvage balls, waiting their turn.

  9. Two great ideas! Relaxing by the pool while you dream of putting your scraps to good use.

  10. That will be so interesting to see. I know I will have plenty of scrappy strips myself if I decide to do the same. I will never run out of strips. How do you join one strip to the next?


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