Sunday, August 2, 2015

J'Egg and MISA

Remembering Christmas Past Quilt, In Double Wedding Rings, Traditions Made Modern Book.  Acrylic templates available at and in the book... in paper pattern
It's nice to know something never change... Jenny Egg is so happy I am home, she won't leave my side, or my face... LOL

She may be saddened then, when Saturday rolls around, as I head out for a week of teaching Double Wedding Rings at Madeline Island School of Art, in Wisconsin, on Lake Superior...

Saturday I fly to Duluth, MN, Where I used to live before moving to NYC! I will be stoping by Hannah Johnson Fabrics to say hit the gals there,, and drop in on Karen McTavish to see her awesome new studio.  If you are in the area, Hannah Johnson Fabrics at 1pm Saturday.  

I love Lake Superior.  I am SOOOO looking forward to that week.
You can still come, we have space. It's so worth it... Magical.


I've since made a mess of my home studio here on Long Island... It looks so peaceful here, right?
Well now, 5 quilts are on the wall, all due by Thursday. So, that's my week vacation! haha! ...and so much for a clean studio...

**Please note the small childs $15 IKEA Table to my right... I have TWO of these.... One on the right is for my ironing while I am piecing... I can turn without standing up to press, as it sits BELOW my chair level. 
I also have one for the left side, for my rotary mat for cutting, again, so I'm above the mat, instead of trying to rotary cut while I am sitting on the table height, with my elbows up in the air... Keeping those two areas BELOW my sitting area, helps with ease and speed and efficiency while I piece.

(**But does not help in getting off the 10 DQ blizzards I ate this summer, on the road)  
There is good reason to be popping up and down in the studio!  That counts as exercise, right?



  1. Oh my J adorabe! She certainly loves you! You are so fit and trim.....I'm sure the blizzards will not even show!

  2. Your summer schedule sure is busy, I hope you have a nice week in the messy studio.

  3. Hi V - Welcome home. The quilt top is lovely! I love how the Mary panel fits into it. Your pup is the cutest. Enjoy your time playing.

  4. Hee hee! Love the puppy pic!

  5. Wish I could make it to the class as I live in WI. maybe next time.

  6. Super photos of Jenny Egg on your scraps and cuddling up with you!
    Like your idea of the smaller table by your side at the machine, and I see you have your machine
    in front of the design wall - how much space between the sewing area and the wall?

  7. Great use of novelty fabrics to make an updated holiday quilt. The red/green border looks fun.

  8. Whenever I go back to MN, I tank up on A&W root beer floats...


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