Sunday, July 26, 2015

Our time has come.

Our time in Marfa has drawn to a close. We now have a three hour drive back to Midland to drop off my husband at the airport, then Beatrice and I start our drive back to NYC. 

I'm over stimulated and antsy to start creating, while my ideas are fresh. 

Hope to be home Wednesday night! 

I hope you enjoyed the photos of this little vacation. I'm sorry they are not of quilts, but hope that the color and light inspires you just the same. 


  1. Love your pics (also on IG), defenitely a place to visit in the future. Had read about it, but not seen this many pics of it before, thanks!

  2. you know you're an artist when you get overstimulated in a place like Marfa. One generally thinks of that happening when there are too many people around---

  3. Hadn't even heard about Marfa before it was on your itinerary. Would love to know more about who
    is behind all those philosophical questions on the wall.

  4. Your photos are so inspirational. Thank you for sharing them as well as your entire trip.
    Safe travels home.

  5. thanks for all the pictures of a cute little town in Texas. Looking forward to what you create after this trip of yours. Safe travel for you both

  6. Definitely looking forward to what pops out of your head after all of the visual stimulation!


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