Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Being on the road and missing my husband, means we have been taking a lot of pictures to send and text back to him. 

Sometimes they are very silly pictures...

                     Like my hat? 

Sometimes you get lucky, and get a couple very pretty shots. 

These are keepers. 

So far, New Orleans has been lovely! We are doing a food tour today. 

Mmmmmm. Beignets! Spice! 

...And will definitely include more silly photos. :-) 

and ( one more and) yes,
 I'm binding a quilt...  Always gotta quilt. 

Hope you have a lovely day! 


  1. Enjoying your posts as you travel. Looking forward to your workshop here in Houston. Did you save time to visit the Texas Quilt Museum in LaGrange, Texas? The Summer exhibits have just started.

  2. Aww, Beatrice looks so sweet. Definitely growing into a beautiful young woman. Happy trails!

  3. I am enjoying your travel stories with you girl! Enjoy the time with her..They grow so fast!

  4. So fun to travel with a daughter, especially one that let's you quilt!

  5. Enjoy your travels! Am loving the quilt you are binding:)

  6. Enjoying your posts with pics of your travels and your stretched hexie is tremendous! You and Beatrice look to be having a great time together travelling through to Texas.

  7. thanks for sharing your trip with us, I'm loving the photos. Ah great bonding time with daughter, good for you. Be Safe......

  8. Isn't NOLA very HOT AND HUMID right now? When some of my best friends lived in NOLA, I mada a point of only visiting in the wintertime, and even that was hot at times.
    Beatrice is growing up and beautiful! I hope your trip continues to be fun and safe.

  9. My goodness you are sure moving across the country quick! Looks like You and B are having a fabulous time!

  10. Thanks for all the wonderful photos you post on Facebook, too. I feel like I'm in the back seat...

  11. Gorgeous photos - beautiful mother and daughter.


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