Friday, June 26, 2015

Ready to Roll!

This past week I've been packing, organizing, enough product and quilts and supplies to travel to teach in Texas for one month!
I was pretty sure, that everything I needed to bring to Texas, was NOT going to fit in my car.

But never underestimate the seasoned traveler, spatial expert, 
who likes to put puzzles together!

Having grown up int eh days of Tetris, I can pack a car to fill every once of space...

 Sometimes you just need to put you head in the game...  
( I was actually laughing very hard, here) 

Not only did I get it all in EASILY, but,  I have a wee bit of space to fill it up at Quilt shops and Antique shops etc, on our journey!


Ready to hit the road very early Saturday Morning!

TEXAS, Here we come!!

Beatrice and I are all set to go. I am  hoping the rain will calm down a bit as we drive... I'd like to be abel to see the beautiful landscape!  
We are starting out trip to enjoy Chattanooga and New Orleans, then on the after the Houston Guild, my husband is joining us and we are driving to Marfa Texas, an Artsy town revived by artists... We've wanted to go for years, so we are taking that family time to see, AND it will be our Wedding Anniversary then as well, so it will be nice to all be together in Texas!  After that, Beatrice and I drive back to NY... But not sure yet on our route back... We may want to switch it up a bit.. We shall see!

This will be a lot of miles on my new car!  I'm so looking forward to it.. Time to get out of the studio and see the peeps...


In Other FUN news!
I was asked to extend my DWR Exhibit at the

 The exhibit which was going to end June 28th, is now ending AUGUST 3rd!!! 
So if you get a chance, please pop down to see IQSCM! The new wing is also open! More quilts! More inspiration! And my DWR babies will be happy to greet you!


  1. Looking at your map, you will be going near my hometown of San Angelo, on your way to Midland. Lovely country you will be driving thru. Too bad you couldn't have driven thru the hill country during bluebonnet season. It is stunning then.

    1. Cheryl - Do you have a quilt shop in San Angelo? That's my hometown too, and I hope to move back there when I retire in a few years. Till then, I am stuck in DFW-Land. :( Jonna O. a/k/a/ fixin2quilt

  2. Take time to savor a margarita on the river walk in San Antonio and throughout the trip, tons of great Tex-Mex. By the way, you still have the top of your car you can load up!

  3. Sounds like a great road trip! I'll have to keep and eye open for your return route to see if our paths cross!

  4. Wishing you and Beatrice a great road trip! And don't fight over the music, haha. Where oh where did all those templates go?

  5. Have a safe trip! Watch out for weather in the DC area tomorrow....Flood watch here.

  6. Ha ha... I pack like that also... someone will say "It won't all fit" -I say "let me try" Then when I ask for "the rest of the stuff that needs to go" they are least on the first trip.

  7. I don't know if it's practical, but if you decide to move your return trip a bit west and come through central Kentucky, I'd live to see/host you. There's a nice quilt shop in Lexington, and my stash itself is as good as a small shop's, really. Central Kentucky is quite beautiful.

  8. It's a glorious drive through the Smokey Mountains first thing in the morning...Keep an eye out for barn quilts!

  9. FUN FUN FUN!!! Enjoy traveling our beautiful country!!! I'm headed in the opposite direction...Seattle to Vermont over the top!

  10. That Tetris time is paying off! Safe travels and have a fabulous trip.

  11. That will be one heck of a road trip! Have a wonderful time and be safe!


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