Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Magazine from QuiltMania!

I am super excited to see this new Magazine by Quiltmania, Simply Moderne!

I just found this image on Facebook. haha! Who IS that? 

Yep I am sitting on Double Edged Love, AND I even sleep under it.  I get that question a lot, surprisingly! hehe... I like my quilts to be loved, slept under, and worn in. ;-)

I have not seen the article yet... Hope I don't look funny! haha!


  1. Whenever I give away a quilt I like to throw it on my bed on top of my t-shirt quilt and sleep under it before I give it away. I know it is kind of weird, but it adds another layer of connection for me.

  2. i'm so happy of that and i hope your books will be translated in french after . i'm waiting this magazine since one month yet.

  3. Exciting! How could you look anything but gorgeous!!


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