Thursday, June 25, 2015


Is Wednesday over yet? Wow what a yucky day! I updated my big iMac to Yosemite last night, woke in the morning and it wouldn't start up... !! Tried every thing, called Mac, reinstalled, no luck... Schlepped it to the Apple Store, (it was hot out and the computer is very heavy, which was shoved into my rolling Juki bag for my machine... Had to walk over lugging it there, no taxis, as it was at 5:30... Only for them to tell me they can't fix it and I have to take it elsewhere... Hot sweaty and exhausted. Blah. 


I had a very long list of things to do today, and I can tell you, none of them got done.  


I did get one thing done! 

Here's the pattern link: 

Picking out a cute, funky binding ala-Victoria-style, I sat on my bum and finished my bag.  

I had so much fun playing in my fabrics to design the bag parts! You can see I used a different selection of fabrics and patterns for each side of the bag. 

Once I finished it, I grabbed my purse and goodies I needed and put it to work for its first outing:
Grand Cebtral Station Apple Store today, and Tekserve in Chelsea tomorrow! 

Here's hoping it can get fixed.., hope no one else needs anything because... 
Well, clearly, 
No computing going on here. 

Here's hoping Thursday is a much better day. 

At least I have a beautiful bag for my trip! 


Ahhh, the silver QUILTED lining! 

QuiltCon registration!!!  Good luck!! 


  1. nothing like a little sewing to brighten up the day. cute purse indeed

  2. A finished project always makes a day worthwhile!

  3. Love your blog and all that you do. I'm wondering about your Juki. I have always had Bernina sewing machines (currently own 3), but lately I have been contemplating buying a Juki primarily because of the simplicity of its use. Don't need fancy stitches as I rarely use them. But I do want a good even straight stitch
    from a machine that is not flimsy.

    May I ask - did you use your everyday Juki to quilt the piece at the beginning of your post. If so I'm intrigued - looks hand quilted if it is machine done it looks like the perfect quilting stitch.


    1. Hi terry. I hand quilted my bag with my 12wt Aurifil thread, see previous posts....

      I've quilted many of my quilts on my Juki tl2010 home machine.... They are awesome for free motion quilting. No adjusting for tension etc, I can piece, switch to my basting foot and free motion quilt... Easy peasy! And a great price... Work horse machines! Love them!

  4. How frustrating to have that computer problem - hope it gets fixed soon. BUT luuuuurve that bag!! Nice way to end a bad day!

  5. Victoria I too have an iMac and had decided to go along with Yosemite but was advised not too as there were some problems. Having read your post I am so glad I didn't!!

  6. Beautiful bag Victoria. I LOVE your made fabric, beautiful choices. The quilting really sets it off. I am putting this bag on my to do list.

  7. I love reading your blog and seeing your amazing quilts in progress. So sorry you are having computer problems on the bright side love that bag !


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