Monday, May 4, 2015


I've had these blocks from a Bee group five years ago, and found they were many different sizes... I have pondered them several different times over the years, and even bought two different reds to finish this off...
I never did.
This past weekend I pulled them out and started playing with them again... I had four blocks that were quite a bit smaller then the others, and as I was talking to my pal Shelly, she said, "put the four together."
Great idea! I needed to look at them differently... new eyes. new shapes...
I started looking at them differently.. then instead of putting them together,
I took the four
...and CUT them in half...

Using up what I have, I used the red and cut sashing to fit it all together...
I felt it was "finished" at this point,
but then went ahead and added yet another red border.
I will probably put it on my king size bed...

Now It's BIG...
So now, of course,
I want a scrappy, tiny, border going all around the edge of the quilt...
because, why not...

Even if you will barley see it when it's on my bed....


  1. This is brilliant! I love what you've done. They are special blocks to begin with, but your setting is just right.

  2. Those are fantastic blocks! They look fabulous with that red setting fabric :0)

  3. I love the red. It really makes them pop. Cutting the blocks in half was a great idea and something I want to try!

  4. What a stunning quilt! I love this and I don't usually use a lot of red! Love the flying geese components in here too.

  5. What a great design you came up with - its funny how someone else can make a comment that sends your thinking in a different direction......and aren't we grateful!

  6. Love the reds-they really light up the blocks, as does the corner treatment. I like the idea of of a small, scrappy border / binding. I think it would frame everything else nicely and just finish it off.

  7. Very attractive. The use of odd sized blocks in a great method of using them. Scrappy is a great way of using up fabric and make a wonderful look. Thanks for sharing. Chris

  8. Looks great! I liked seeing the quilt on the bed and all laid out flat. I liked how that gave a sense of its size and how the design worked with its intended use.

  9. this totally rocks with the reds! think that a teeny border would take it to the next level!!!

  10. stunning silk purse from a sort of sow's ear.....


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