Thursday, May 28, 2015



Either by hand or by machine, this 5" Hexagon is great for both! My above hand project is made with my 5" hexagon template that I have been working on for years...LOL
This one below was also done using my 5" hexagon, but pieced on the machine! 
See how much faster it is?

My Small 5" acrylic hexagon is sold in my shop here.

Perhaps you need to go BIG!

Sometimes you just need BIG!  
I find the larger shapes to be great fun when I am making my 15 Minute fabrics... I can really show off some fun scraps this way...  Both of the two above and the ones below are made using my LARGE 10" HEXAGON.

Another version:
My 10" Hexagon triangle Acrylic template set comes with a small triangle that allows you to make the star quilt in ROWS! NO Y SEAMS! Above you can see how the quilt is laid out, each Large hex gets one triangle, so you join them on diagonal slants... which together, form long horizontal rows...
Making this quilt means, laying out out your plan ahead of time so you see your rows. Easy Peasy!

By Manipulating the info that happens within the shapes, you have unlimited options to PLAY!!!  Below, I cut off my tips, replaced them with a solid, and put my template back on to trim down...

What if you made the background your foreground? Lisa's Quilt below, using my templates, starts to do that with her green... What if each big green flower shape was your standout design element?
So many fun options with this tool! Lisa put her's together in diagonal rows, but you can also build horizontal rows

Large 10" Hexagon and Triangle set HERE

 Time to PLAY!!!
Check out my other New Templates on the shop page... I'm slowly getting them all added! 


  1. I love your hexie templates!!! Contemplating my next project using them!

  2. my fat fingers are way too clumsy to work with the tiny current hexie project is with 4" solids but the amish call it honeycomb...either way it's great!

  3. I really like those cut-off tips. They sparkle...

  4. Love hexies! I have a scrappy hexie-star quilt using YOUR 5" template (love it!) up on the design wall right now, ready for me to sew up into rows.

    Expect I'm gonna want that 10" set, too... putting it on my wishlist to be an incentive for me to keep going with this one and get it done (rather than sending it off to a WIP/UFO bin, as so often happens around here).

  5. only one you ever sleep. I've never seen someone produce wall hangings and quilts as fast as you do, wow.
    I love seeing whats being created by you, keep it up


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