Saturday, April 18, 2015

Quilt House

I must remember to take more photos today! I took only this one!

Left to right:
Farm Girl, Victoria Findlay Wolfe quilted by Karen McTavish
Elda's Flowers, Elda Wolfe ( my Grandmother)
A Summer's Day, Victoria Findlay Wolfe quilted by Debby Ritenbaugh Brown
Luminous Views, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, quilted by Lisa Sipes
Double Edged Love, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, quilted by Lisa Sipes
Leona, Victoria Findlay Wolfe
not shown in this image: Greatest Possible Trust, Victoria Findlay Wolfe

The symposium started with Madelyn Shaw, speaking on "Civilians Face the War: Experiences on the Home Front" It was quite interesting to hear how the women were helping from him, using, sewing and re purposing all the fabrics they had to support the war...

A must see if you get the chance...

Next was Erika Doss, speaking on Piecing Grief, Making Claims: Commemorative Quilts and American Activism. Focusing on  quilts and monuments made to express our grief, and or public show of emotion...  Very interesting, to share how we work through grief through making quilts, (such as the AIDS quilt project, 9-11 quilt,  Agent orange quilt projects as examples) , or other public monuments (such as the Viet Nam Veterans memorial, 9-11 memorial, road side crash memorials as examples)

Then I ended the day, sharing on JOY....  "Quilts: Making, Giving and Sharing Joy"  I shared about how I decided a path to joy  for my life from a very young age, and how quilt making has brought me together with people I might not have ever  met.  How it has brought me joy to give quilts, and also to the people who receive your quilts to the community projects many of you have donated too.  How making a quilt gives hope and love, and a hug to those who need one. And ultimately, how a quilt is healing... Every time I make a quilt the process brings me joy. Every time I give a quilt, I feel I am in the right place, and that not only is it healing to me to make/give, but, healing to those who just need a supportive hand to say, we're here,we support you, you are valuable.
All that, by giving something hand made, with love...

It was an inspiring, exciting and a bit overwhelming day! Knowing that my quilts would be hanging here was one thing to ponder, but to see them hanging up, in this space,  is a very "pinch me" surreal moment...It's very humbling.  I'm honored, thankful & very grateful to the staff at IQSC/Quilt House for having my quilts hang here.

Today I'm teaching a class, and exploring playful ways to approach your quilt making and hopefully be inspired by a few of the quilts, at Quilt House. ( IQSC)

I'm so looking forward to playing with everyone... 

I'm off to be inspired!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the inspiring photos for the ones like me that cannot see it in person.

  2. What beautiful sentiments about making and giving quilts. For me, it is the process first and the gifting of the quilt to someone for whatever reason. I'm always so amazed and humbled about how much the quilt means to the recipient and that for me is the real WOW!!! factor. I love quilting and the quilting community.
    Your generous spirit and pure joy about quilting comes through so clearly in your blog. Thank you

  3. It sounds like the best presentation, and your quilts look fantastic hung together like that.

  4. Love the photo of all of the quilts!

  5. You may have only gotten one photo but it's a DOOZIE!!! Absolutely gorgeous! I am 'craving' the green one!


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