Wednesday, April 22, 2015

B & W

I came home from Nebraska with a mighty sinus infection. Man, oh, man, that is not fun flying.. my eardrums were screaming... But, that did not stop me from getting super inspired while in Lincoln!  

(It's always nice to go away, but it even nicer to come home to my JUKI!) 

I woke up with a new idea, and as soon as I got home, I instantly began cutting up fabrics, and piecing, and appliquéing... and oh yeah! Prepping samples for this weekend in Salem, Ma! I am so looking forward to it! I love getting people the TIME and skills they need to build these quilts... They really are so fun, AND, you feel  accomplished when you master those skills!

SO, if you plan on making a double wedding ring, want help, or are just ready to tackle one... 

Come take my FIVE day class at Madeline Island School of Art.  To have time to cut, talk design, find the layout, and then learn and master the skills. (they are not hard, just patience builders....) The class over all is a massive skill builder class! 

Let me show you first hand how curves are not hard, learn a few piecing tricks, and give you fresh ideas thew and old projects! then, take the leap, then leave those fears at home and come play with me! Quilting is fun!!  Get one on one attention, and leave there with something fabulous to show for it.  MISA is in AUGUST this year... I don't usually work in August, and I said yes because it is SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL up there!! I lived in Duluth Minnestoa before I moved here, and I love Lake Superior, and have also been over to Bayfield, WI for Apple Festival.. It's SUPER fabulous and gorgeous... google it...there is no more beautiful place to come take a class. 

Come play with me. 

The new project, is working with Black and White.  I'm doing a bit of appliqué and having so much fun with these little eyeballs! I'll show you parts as I go until I get it sorted out...  I planned on doing a video for today, but I'm still coughing my lungs out, so that was not happening today... Tonight though my cough seems to have gone. So, I may be on the mend... YEAH!

I'm pretty convinced the eyes follow me...
Freaky huh?



  1. Oh dear, sorry that you are sick, the up and down changes in the weather here tend to mess with the sinuses. Feel better soon! I can't wait to see what you make with the eyeballs!

  2. sorry for your sinus stuffiness, tis the season. now on to curves. i just finished my version of your big city lights, wow. never done curves, paper piecing or orange. i can honestly say i enjoyed every stitch, even the ones i picked out (over and over). i finished putting the border on yesterday, super sized it (120x100) with a wide border of large floral orange with some hot pink. my final challenge will be scalloped edge with hot pink binding!! while making the last arc, i was actually sad to end the fun. never fear their our more DWR in my very near future. but first i have to hem my husbands pants, put off for a month, hehe. I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!!!

  3. Did that once . . . flew with a bad head cold and my ears were plugged for over a week. So painful. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Those eyeballs are very interesting. Love B+W.

  4. Sorry to hear you ended up sick since you left here. I ended up sick Monday and still down for the count...curious? I hope to get inspired here soon. Good luck on this new project!!


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