Monday, November 10, 2014

Quilt Alliance Auction Quilts

The Quilt Alliance Auction Quilts 

The first auction week of the Inspired By contest quilts will go live on at 9pm Eastern on Monday night—Tonight!!!
 Very exciting!  Be sure to bid FOR your FAVORITES! Many beautiful quilts have been made, and are great gifts. Tis the season! I have my eye on a couple!  

Our annual quilt auction is a major fundraiser for the Alliance. Proceeds support the operation of projects like Quilters' S.O.S. - Save Our Stories and Go Tell It at the Quilt Show!, and our ability to partner on projects like The Quilt Index. 

***Auction dates and links:***
Once the auctions have begun, you can go directly to the current week's eBay auction by using this link (before the auction begins  at 9pm ET, however, you won’t see any quilts yet):

Below are the auction dates. Each auction begins and ends on Monday at 9pm Eastern.
Week One: Mon, Nov. 10- Mon, Nov. 17
Week Two: Mon, Nov. 17- Mon, Nov. 24
Week Three: Mon, Nov. 24 – Mon, Dec. 1

Important note: the quilts for each auction week are only viewable on during the auction period for that quilt. Before and after the auction period the quilts are not viewable (eBay only posts items included in live auctions--no archives or scheduled auctions are viewable). 

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