Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tulip die

My Tulip die is one I've been itching to have for ages. In the past,  I've made my own templates, but it is key to have accurately cut pieced, and makes it so fast and easy! Which is what the die does!  
Color  placement is so much fun with this quilt. It changes deepening on where you lights and darks are placed. Here is one example above... A sweet baby quilt with pink buds... Easy peasy.

I of course want to incorporate my "Made Fabric"15 Minutes of Play style in their somewhere. I could do this either in the tulip or the leaves,  or even the back ground. Here I chose to make the BUD in made Fabric, making sure to add a piece of Jennifer Paganelli's muli-colored floral with red, in each piece for little highlights...

Next I grabbed a pale aqua Michael Miller Polka dot, Modern basics line...  to cut out my background pieces, using the DWR die from Sizzix. Love that negative space taking shape!

I used then, my FULL melon die to make the LEAVES!  Easy breezy! Again, I could have used MADE FABRIC, but was going to a super fast finish here... I can always make another! 
(And I most likely will!)
I used up various green for leaves, darker and lighter versions to make it dance a bit.

Here is the top all sewn together... I could have stopped there... I love the scalloped edge.

I went around it with a crocheted lace, and flipped over my raw edge, so I could straight stitch it down onto a Michael Mille rHounds tooth background.  How sweet is that lace on this? Adorable!

I then quilted it with tiny orange peel pattern over the entire quilt. Cute! But...

I thought a tiny wave edge was going to add SUPER CUTENESS to the over all look of the quilt...
Was I right?

Now to finish the binding... ;-) Sweet!


  1. I love that last quilt with the made-fabric tulip buds- so cute!

  2. Wow. How did you cut the wavy edge? With the die?

    1. The wavy edge I cut with an acrylic ruler I have. That is not done with the die.

  3. Your creativity amazes me. I hope it never stops!

  4. The crochet and the wavy edgings give a "Victorian" touch to this modern quilt. Perfect!!

  5. Very nice! You have been a busy, busy girl haven't you! Hehe.

  6. Wow, I love the sweetness of this quilt, a touch traditional, a touch modern and 100% Victoria. Lucky baby!

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  8. Congratulations V! Please ask them to make the dies for the Big Shot and then I can play with them on the Sizzix UK blog.

  9. Oh and that binding surely is perfect, as well!

  10. I'm looking forward to playing with your new dies - I'm on the Sizzix design team and am thrilled that you're partnering with them!


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