Sunday, October 26, 2014

to market to market

A quick Market update!!
Market, the Industry trade show kicked off!  Above Jenny Doan and I a re both Designers for Sizzix, so it was fun to meet up and chat!

To answer quickly a few questions, my Current Dies, work with the Big Shot Pro. Yes, they work with other brands, which a google search will answer for you.(CLICK HERE)  The dies are a different thickness, so you need an adapter tray and shim...  This works both ways, their dies in the Sizzix as well...

 Displays are up, chatting and demos are taking place,

Friends are sported from around the globe. Kathy Doughty's fabrics were used in the above quilt, and look who came strolling by!  Kathy Below center, and also QuiltJane!  I adore both. Good people!

 I scooted over to see my LACE quilt hanging in Houston!!!  I have yet to see all the quilt, But, Oh My, I am so honored and am so proud of this quilt... Blurry pic for now... I only brought my cell phone... sorry!

 Those who love the wave die of mine, you can grab the new quilts and more issue and Hand cut your pieces! yes!  The current issue is just being sent out...

My best Bud,m Shelly Pagliai got to announce that her Quilt is the 2015 BOM for Kansas City Star Quilts.

Yes, it all looks like fun, and it is, I have a good portion of a quilt top done already, so where is that line between work and play? LOL.

 Schoolhouses went great! I did my presentation on my Sizzix Dies and also on my book. Thanks to those shops who came! We had fun! this Santa pillow was made using my TULIP die!  They were all laughing because I was sharing that, Yes you can make Santa's with the tulip die, or elves, or gnomes, or....

the entire band of ZZ top, and or, the cast of Duck Dynasty!


 Alright, I'm off and running... days start around 8 and go til midnight...

oooh, my feet!

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  1. This looks like WAY too much fun to be work!! Keep enjoying (and reporting!)

  2. I love how big those pieces are. It sure looks like you are having fun, and your quilts are looking so beautiful!

  3. It's just possible that I "cross over" to try this and make a Double Wedding Ring!!! Wow! Did I just say that? You're making it look waaaaay too fun!!


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