Thursday, September 18, 2014

Roderick Kiracofe chat.

Roderick stopped by to talk about his new Book! He is such a joy, and I am totally excited to share this book with you.

Listen to Roderick Kiracofe talk about his new book Unconventional & Unexpected, American Quilts Below The Radar 1950-2000. It's amazing! Don't miss it! ;-)

Myself, Michele Muska and Roderick Kiracofe, prepping for his book party Thursday eve!

Soon I will have a chat session with Michele Muska and her new book as well! Stay tuned!!


  1. Thanks for posting this!
    looking forward to checking out his book soon. Kathie

  2. This book looks like it has exactly the type of quilts I love- can't wait to get a copy. Thank you for introducing it to us!

  3. What a wonderful chat! I felt the same emotional reaction to this book and you articulated the feeling perfectly. Your "Julie & Julia" concept is brilliant. Perhaps this could be something for 15 Minutes Play? Monthly mini quilt?


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