Thursday, September 11, 2014

Off to Atlanta!

I'm packed to fly off to Atlanta today for Quilting Live! Class tonight is Miniatures, and tomorrow is the Double Wedding Ring Single ring class...  I'm excited to teach both. So much fun!
I also look forward to seeing the Double Wedding Ring Exhibit hanging!! Of course!

The Dogs get all worked up when they see the suitcase come out... They sit by it, on it, in  it... Sorry Pups, not this time.... Poor Kia has been up every night since her second heart attack.... And if she is up, that means I am up...  Three times last night.... sigh. poor thing... Hope no one minds the bags under my eyes....
 Speaking of eyes...

When did small print get to be so SMALL!
Finally got a pair of readers...   Had to go funky.... like? ;-)

Prepping for the class samples means, I get a bunch more ideas....and
yet another DWR! 
These pics are fuzzy because they are off my iPhone... 
Seems to me my camera is not taking the greatest pictures anymore....   And here i thought it was just my eyes... ha!

Got my airplane hand work ready, having my coffee, and I am outta here!  Pics when I return!
Have a great day!!!


  1. Have a good time here in the South! Wish I were going to be there.

  2. Yup, love the funky specs, cute! Don't see any bags under your eyes though. Safe travels.

  3. Have a great time! I'm jealous, as ATL is so far away form Sweden. Good luck getting used to the readers-- they ought to help your eyes relax!

  4. Enjoy your trip!
    Love the quilt in the previous post! Sure to bring hope and comfort.

  5. Have a fabulous time in Atlanta! Groovy glasses, girl!! Love your new DWR.

  6. Your readers look a bit like mine! Enjoy having them. I go to the Dollar store and buy a bunch so I can have a pair in purse, pair in sewing room, pair at computrer, etc. Have a fun time for me! Recovering well from surgery- energy almost up to a sewing stage. And I got a bunch of project ready for me to work on.

  7. I know what you mean about the phone not taking such great pictures any longer. Rude awaking to buy a new phone because one needs better photos.

    It is not just small it is fuzzy when the eyes start to do the changing, ugh.


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