Sunday, August 31, 2014

two more attempts, Larger

Still working out the quirks getting this bag just right... (see last post) This time I took a table cloth I bought in Africa, and used that....
I forgot to add a pocket, so I will go back and add one on both sides... since it's reversible...  I made it twice the size of my old shopping bag this time around....

 I totally LOVE how it turned out....  ( still will add pockets)

This one has a pocket on!  I wanted to use up this super, cute, giant print I've had for ages in my stash.... I think Jenny Egg likes it too...

The bag is addictive, and so crazy easy to make.  So many fun ways to adapt it; I have an orphan block picked out for one more.  really how many do I need?

Once I get it just right, The pattern will go up here...
Just need a bit more time...  It's kind of like a A line dress with a curved yoke. ;-)

My old shopping bag is one of these goodies from like the container store or somewhere... I've had it for years....  It's nice, but it is a bit to small for lugging groceries in NYC, so I used it as a base pattern to make it larger.   
The part where you put your groceries in, I thought was to small, so I widen that area. Next I squared it out in an a-line shape,  and boxed out the corners for width to the bottom of the bag....
The TOP Yellow African bag, I also made longer straps. I also cut out the armpit area larger, so you can easily sling it over your shoulder... the red one was a bit to snug...

Getting there...It's been fun to play with!!!


  1. The bigger version is lookin' good, too, Victoria! Looks very easy to make. Looking forward to the pattern.

  2. That bag is looking awesome! I look forward to seeing your final plan. The bags I've made had "issues" and the changes you've made make sense! I sometimes buy old draperies or upholstery remnants at places like Calico Corners for bags. I love re-purposing.

  3. LOVE this bag! I especially love that you made it with the tablecloth!!!! Really looking forward to the pattern :o)

  4. The bag is great but what I love is your description of the process ( not to mention your loss of the orange bag to your daughter ). Thanks for sharing.

  5. can't wait to make the bag. have a daughter who moved to DC, think she will love it on her trips to the farmer's market. thanks!

  6. I love the bags! I am planning to do a bag-a-thon soon, so I'm eager to see your pattern.


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