Sunday, July 20, 2014


I've missed you!! 
I'm back in my home state, and settled in Upstate New york at Quilting By the Lake where I will be teaching all week! Here's my little dorm room, and I'm here with my pod mates, Ann Johnston and Elizabeth Busch.  It's going to be a fun week!

Love this version of my Stripe it rich quilt!

It has been an awesome trip this summer. Visiting, teaching and lettering all over the midwest... I left yesterday morning very aryl to drive 11 hours to Syracuse... on the way, I made a pit stop at Niagara Falls as I had never been there... What a sight!  (Stripe it rich quilt pattern here)

It was just the calming view I needed after the way my early morning started out....

Driving along yesterday early, music playing... la la la... The car in front of me suddenly goes right off the road taking out 30 feet of guard rail...crashes and flips...
I stopped right behind him, and called 911 right away... Amazingly... the guy was fine... Here he is inspecting his car...
I'm so happy he was OK, holy moly... I was quite frazzled after that.. I chatted with him a bit until the police got there...One lucky dude... He fell asleep and it only took about 3 seconds...
Not a scene I want to come across again, anytime soon....

When he got out of the car, Through the back of his min van... and I found out he was pretty much OK, (the air bag bruised him up a bit)
I asked if I can call any of his family...

He didn't know any of his families phone numbers... they were al on his phone....

Learn your important people's phone numbers...

You may need them one day when you don't have your phone...


Be safe my quilty friends...


  1. You have certainly had some unforgettable experiences on this trip! Have a safe trip the rest of the way home.

  2. Wow! I am so glad he was okay.

  3. Never a dull moment when you are about. It is a good lesson for the teenagers, I will get them to practice. I am glad you and he are fine, and that your tour of quilting took you past those beautiful falls. I have not seen them in a few years, but always love the opportunity.

  4. funny, Victoria - that you had to drive to the Midwest to get to Niagara Falls.... aren't they fabulous? That looks like the American side - did you cross over? I'm guessing you didn't have your passport with you. Next time take the family and go to Canada - it's fab fab from there - and ride the Maid of the Mist - way cool !

  5. Hoping your at the lake next year as responsibiities have my summer. Really want to take one of your classes!! Met you at Riverhead quilt show in June and you were great!! Glad your having fun too!!! Isn't Niagara falls interesting! Glad that guy was ok. Terrible feeling when wittnessing an accident.

  6. no wonder i was inspired yesterday to work on my dresdan plate blocks, you much have been driving by my exit (59) on your to Niagara Falls. Love Stripe It Rich quilt...on my bucket list.

  7. That must have been a very frightening experience, to be involved with, lucky guy!

    Oh, Niagara Falls, one of my most memorable trips, the power of that water flowing over those clifts is sooo mighty. You probably didn't have a chance to get down under the Falls in the "Maid of the Mist" boats.
    Now that is exciting!
    Have a good week, bet you'll be glad to get back home.

  8. You are the one we should worry about - 11 hours driving in one day. Really V, you need to rethink that for next time. It could have been you.

  9. Have a great week at QBL! I have been to the Canadian side of the falls twice. You need to go to the Canadian side to see the gardens and the lighting at night - so beautiful. I have never visited the American side. Thank goodness that fellow was ok. Very scary! I fell asleep one time for a few seconds and found myself crossing the yellow line. After that I made a promise to myself that I will stop and take a nap at the side of the road if I am having trouble keeping my eyes open.

  10. How traumatic! Had a similar situation happen in front of me one early morning!


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