Thursday, May 8, 2014

how she grows.

Thought I'd let you see the progress....

and let you have a good chuckle at the pups...

Have a super day!

Have you voted for the Accuquilt block design contest yet?


  1. The quilt is coming along great!

  2. Such a dog's life! This quilt is so beautiful, what a lovely young woman!

  3. How large will your quilt be when finished? I made a watercolor quilt back in the day and was amazed how much you lost in the seams.

  4. Two cuties, back to back buddies, such fun! I just got a new puppy so my quilting is non-existant for a short while. Every spare second is spent just trying to keep up with meals, laundry, and house. It's paying off already though - no accidents since I got her Saturday, and we're learning so many new things!

    Love the growing quilt. Thanks for letting me live my quilt life through you right now.

  5. Doesn't she ever look at your blog? Or is it like a friend told kids, moms are just wallpaper, they don't see you. Love the dog pic. My little pup sleeps like that along my spine at night.

  6. What a treat to work on a quilt like that at Mother's Day!
    80" x 80" - wow. That's a lot of sq's. It's gorgeous.
    Happy Pup Day.

  7. GREAT portrait of Boo! Eat your heart out, Chuck Close...

  8. Oh, it's looking so amazing! I've got one in the thinking stage for my son and dil ~ of Robert Smith of The Cure. Great to see the progress of yours.
    Love the dogs ~ when I first saw it I thought it was one ~ they look like a rug!

  9. I love your Beatrice quilt! And your dogs. I don't have any children, but watching you make this quilt is making me tempted to try the same method on a photo of one of my dogs!

  10. I so love that quilt! Did you use design software to get the pikcells? It is going to be amazing when finished.


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