Sunday, April 20, 2014

family projects!

A few family quilts to be made....
Hopefully my cousin is not reading this post... This is a quilt I am making for him and his wife. They were so kind to give me a couple of my grandmother's quilts, as they knew I would take good care of them! In exchange, I am making them a nice big quilt for their bedroom; Blues, yellows and greens, Scrappy, and just plain fun. I had a lot of fun picking out vintage and new fabrics, without it being over the top "flowery." I wanted to keep it with as many graphic prints as I could... I hope he likes it!

My other family quilt, is this for Beatrice...(she doesn't read my blog regularly, I hope! LOL)  Her Birthday is the end of May, so I thought I best get cutting... I used YouPatch to pixelate her image, and it will be an 80" square quilt. I think she may actually like this one! ;-) I'm all cut, so now to piece!
Hop over the YouPatch and check it out. It's very easy to follow, and fun to play around with.

The classroom is clean and ready to be messed up! Well, my desk is still to be desired in the back, BUT! It's fairly clean. ;-) I can only do so much. sigh. 

If you want to stay up-to-date on my workshops, I announce them in my newsletter only. So please, pop over here to sign up for the newsletter...

I don't share your info, I don't even regularly send out a newsletter, so I won't be filling your mailbox with stuff... I send out when I have news to share... Please consider it! ...

And, if you are coming to NYC for a trip, email me! Maybe I can put together a class while you are here. I have 5-6 students at a time, lunch included... Have a bunch of friends coming to NYC for a day trip? Email me, We can maybe plan a sewing class day just for you!

The afternoon sun was filling the space so nicely! I can't wait to play Double Wedding Rings with the students tomorrow! Pictures of that to come! 

I hope you had a lovely Easter! ~V


  1. How fun!! I am sure the pixelated quilt will just turn out beautiful! What a beautiful daughter you have there as well. She has such a kind face :)

  2. I like the vintage feel of the first quilt. Have with your students.

  3. Great start to what will be a much-loved quilt! Enjoy teaching!

  4. I checked out the you patch site. So many possibilities! One of these days I'll get to NYC.

  5. i cant wait to see B's quilt!

  6. If your cousin and Beatrice don't like their quilts, they don't have good taste!

  7. They are lovely looking quilts! So wish I could join you for a class. I'll have to start saving and plan a trip. Enjoy!


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