Saturday, February 15, 2014

New call for quilts!



200 Twin size quilts for women of the Stadium Women’s Shelter! ( please visit the website for more info)

“The Stadium Women’s Shelter program provides shelter, quality care and access to a wide array of services to over 200 women who suffer from extreme to moderate mental illness. The women are referred to the program through Dept. of Homeless Services.” 
I am working again with a new program run through the Acacia Network ( Formerly BASICS). They currently have 200 women in “the Stadium Women’s Shelter” who desperately need quilts. We all know a quilt is the best sign of love and hope, and during this crazy long, cold winter, this is the time to help!
There is no time limit, we will collect until we have what we need.
Visit the website for more info on submitting a quilt.
Thank you so much for you support!
This drive will go on until we reach our goal.


  1. I have a 60 x 60 throw, but nothing twin sized. If you want it in spite of the size just send a note.

  2. Victoria, How much time do we have on this one? Brenda

    1. oops, that was on the video… NO time limit,,, it's running through the end of the year…

  3. It may take me awhile because we are about to embark on a huge remodel at our house, but you will see a quilt from me! Some of us enjoy watching it snow, I think its beautiful, so enjoy!


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