Saturday, January 11, 2014

new play.

We are out to our house on long island for the weekend,  packed up one of my Juki's to take with me…Usually I have a machine here all the time, But I had needed it in the city for a project while the others were being serviced… So I set the machine up in my studio, and realized I left the power cord in NYC… DOH!  Oh well… I had hoped to do some fun, random piecing… But instead, I figured I'd play on my hand quilter fusion long arm… just to do something different, play with it etc… nothing serious…

I had been going through my old sketch books. I dug a few drawings out, and tossed around some ideas of doing sketches on fabric…. hmmm, maybe a figure? sketch of Beatrice? no, to much thinking…

I grabbed a vintage framed picture of a vase of flowers, and a spool of red thread, to see what could be done...

I've never really done thread painting before.  I really do feel I'm still in massive learning curve with my machine… so I figured some doodling would get me to loosen up...

Playing around has sure given me some thought to pulling out my sketch books again… I've kind of fallen out of habit on drawing, I sort of put most of those tools away when quilting took priority. I do have a BA degree in Fine Art , painting  as  major… perhaps my pencils ail come back out, and me and  my fusion can bond. again.  
I left my good camera in NYC… so I'll show you better pics later…

It's good to play.

Have you PLAYED today?


  1. yes, I played at a paper piecing class and picked up some tips. While I looked at some of the really cool stuff that can be done with p.p. - it made me think about my word of the year - could I apply any p.p. to that project when creating letters? So many great techniques for different looks. It is fun to learn a skill and then think of ways to apply it to a project - beyond patterns. Kudos to all the folks that take time and math to figure out those patterns!!!

  2. Wow. You can get out your sketch books if you want but I'm really impressed with what you started with thread.

  3. I do that with my photos and with pictures off the internet I like. I have not put it on the long arm though. For gifts in the past I have taken pictures of people's dogs and done head studies in threadpainting. I bind it, or make a pillow, or a hanging. Everyone loves it and I love the threadsketching practice

  4. I love your work on your quilting machine. The flowers look amazing...anything floral really appeals to me!!

  5. Oh yeah! I played with a new machine at a fancy sewing machine store and bought it! It was a gift to me from my parents and my hubs chipped in the rest. Ive never owned anything so nice, Ill have to make it worth their while and sew like the wind!!!..meanwhile Grandmas 1960 Brother will wait patiently on the sidelines.

  6. Gee, Victoria, that does look like fun, and coming out very nice!

  7. Beautiful thread painting! Looks like you've been doing it for years. What I would give for that side of my brain to pull it's weight!!

  8. Lovely thread painting... it'd make a great bodice of a summer dress.


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