Sunday, December 8, 2013

Play in CT

I'm back from teaching two classes and a lecture, up at Jackie Kunkel's (Canton Village Quilt works) classroom in CT. Can I say, we had SOOO much fun!!! Can you tell? LOL!

I gave a lecture friday night, that's always fun, I mean, really? Talking about all these quilts?  How can that NOT be fun?  ….and YES! I had Double Edged Love with me! (briefly!)

It was a bit chilly at first in the room… So my POLYESTER JACKET
 kept me nice and warm and glamourous. HAHAHA!
Nice, huh?

 Fabric was flying! Love that!  Means ideas were happening, and creativity was flowing!

My Friend Michele, who is often helping me out, actually took my class, and even thought she's made quilts, she's never done a star block patchwork… I'd say she knocked this one out of the park!

I being loads of inspiring quilty objects to look at and get ideas from… The polyester jacket stayed on most of the day! LOL!
Jackie made me the cutest little mini quilt.  I also taught how I made these little guys… When I finished the demo, Jackie,said, "that's mine right?  So yes, I found some batting, and pin basted it.. LOL! It provided much laughter the rest of the day… as others started making King size mini's… hehe! (I still need to bind it!)

Here's Jackie's she made me using the Renaissance ribbons!  ...and my MINI quilt to her, quilted & bound!  So she can hang it in her RED MINI cooper roadster! ;-) hmm, perhaps I should wash and block it… LOL

 Jackie and I after we made brownies… ;-) all things important… We look quite happy right?

 Michelle played with petals! Great job!
 Sally got out the hexagons! Her ideas were flying, she will have that quilt done in no time!

 Caroline was letting her's grow organically, bit by bit… Loving it so far!

So, a good time was had by all!  Thanks Jackie for having me up to play!
Time to finished decorating the tree today, and get my Xmas card photo taken… I'm already receiving Christmas cards, and I haven't even made mine yet.. EEP! 
Best get rocking around the Christmas tree!


ALSO! the winner of the magazine Make it Simple is HILDA!


  1. So fun to see you and Jackie together. Love that lady. I feel fortunate to see her often here in Arizona. It looks like everyone had a very creative time, filled with laughter too.

  2. I need to find a way to have a "play" date with you! I love everything that was created!!!

  3. Looked like everyone was having FUN FUN FUN! The jacket is sooooo cool and keeps you warm as well.
    Enjoy the Holidays

  4. What a great weekend! Love all the pics.
    That quilt you are holding with the big centre of white dots on yellow with the matching big border and 'made' fabric blocks for the inner border is my ABSOLUTE favourite of all your quilts!!!!
    Lotsa love, Andi xx

  5. Oh, it looks like everyone had so much fun! You should come to Portland and teach a class!

  6. Looks like you had at lot of fun at Jackie's place!


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