Thursday, December 26, 2013

PLAY Christmas Day!

My Sew and fold on a roll (triangles on a roll) has been sitting here waiting for me to PLAY with it!  (Thank you Nedra!)So Christmas day I sat down to play wither scraps from my Christmas quilt, 
(Which is also finished as a top! See above! I will quilt it this week at my house.)

I thought at first I'd get the roll papers out, to pieces a big pretty border, then decided to hold that thought, and just play with the template. I cut all my shapes, then just started sewing them together, deciding I needed a new table runner….

I quickly pieced that together, and new I wanted it done. It was a fun fast project, and different from anything else I have been working on! I grabbed some batting, and backing...
Stitched in the ditch on my JUKI very quickly, Using one of the threads from Aurifil 50 wt set, of course!

My threads are now available in my SHOP! So if Santa didn't put one under your tree, you know where to find some! ;-)
Then, I grabbed my light green  from my 12 Wt set, ran it through my JUKI top thread. I do not change my needle, But I do loosen the top tension and sew with a 3.5 stitch length. I quilt it very easily this way, and I get such a nice effect with the heavier weight thread.
See? Isn't that sweet? I then grabbed the Gorgeous Aurifil red in my set, to do the same inside the red diamonds. Shows up so nice, on my Pink Havels mat!
I machine bound the runner afterwards, and already have it on my table… The earlier Christmas table cloth I had made, went into the wash after a very, yummy, Christmas dinner!
We had a nice low key Christmas day. Relaxing, a walk in Central Park, and some good food… 
I hope yours was as lovely!


  1. You make so much cool stuff! My New Years resolution is stop trying to keep up with you! lol Love it all!

  2. The table runner reminds me of long glass baubles. Nice on the table. Glad you had yummy food and a nice day. It was my turn to have everyone. Fun busy day food was great as everyone cooked anc ate. The littles had a swim to work up their appetite.
    Enjoy your time on the island.

  3. Love your pretty Christmas quilt top and table runner! Sounds as though you jhad a lovely Christmas!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the link to those neat tools! Merry Happy!

  5. I love your table runner Victoria! And feel very honored that you chose to play with our 22.5 degree paper and ruler from Triangles On A Roll on Christmas Day! May I copy your picture for our web site? I promise to link back to you.

  6. love your sun burst quilt. i must make one. do you sell the sun burst templates in your shop? i also love the table runner you made on christmas day, another to-do project.

  7. Beautiful quilt and topper - the colors are YOU!

  8. Great table runner for after Christmas, too. Looks like Backgammon to me, but I am SO into board games!

  9. Great quick project and the colors are holiday too!


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