Sunday, November 3, 2013

TX wrapped up!

Well I finally go home today... Market and festival makes for a long trip to Texas! I miss my family terribly, and can not wait to get home and squeeze their necks and smooch their cheeks!  So, heads up NYC marathon folks, best run fast, because I want to get home quickly, and not sit in traffic!   Run run run! 

Speaking of run run run... That's pretty much what I did all week. I spent quite a bit of time in Cherrywood Fabrics booth, demoing their luscious fabrics into TEENY TINY 15 Minutes of Play morsels...I have enough now to make another 12" quilt! If you haven't popped over to recently, please do, and see all the Miniature Challenge pieces going on over there... Great fun!

I also have some Cherrywood beauties picked out for bundles of fabrics that co-ordinate with my Fabrics!  Soon those will be available in my shop... Stay tuned!!! I'll let you know when.

The fabulous Ricky Tims and lovely Alex Anderson were near the both  were I did  book signings. Seeing them is always good  fun... I need to check when my episode of The Quilt Show will run.  
Speaking of book signings, I can hardly believe it's been ONE YEAR since my book came out! Hmmm, Maybe we should do some celebrating!

Get your signed copy HERE.


I was so thrilled to get my quilts into Houston this year! I have good shots of the quilts, but they are on my big camera, and will load those when I get home on my big computer...  So Along with my my two finalist ribbons, I also have a new title... I joined the Board of the International Quilt Association as VP of Public Service. So this week was spent at various IQA events, and meetings...  One of the events is the Quiltapalooza party on Halloween... Below, the Snow Miser and Frieda are having a few good laughs! Great costume Jerry!

Open Studios, was a great experience! Being able to talk quilts is work right?, LOL! Not so hard.  it's great to be able to share with others how I work, and hopefully inspire a few of you as I go... Meeting many FB friends and Bloggers was fantastic! Seeing friends I only see once a year in Houston, is always a blast as well.

Thanks JUKI for providing my machines all week! I love teaching on my favorite sewing machines!! Thanks Aurifil for entertaining us all with mini golf... LOL!  And my thread kits will be available VERY SOON! So keep popping over to my shop page! I have some updating to do over at the shop, very soon...

And lastly, My Quilt Alliance darlings! Here are Marie Bostwick, Allie Aller, Meg Cox, and Michele Muska.  All of our contest quilts will go up for AUCTION on EBAY, starting November 11th through December 9th! And I can tell you , we have some real beauties this year!

NOV 11 starts the ebay auctions!!

Clicking on each quilt will tell you what day they go up for bid on ebay. After the Small quilts, My quilt, Quilters Play Manhattan will also be auctioned off, and a smaller QA LOGO quilt, that has loads of signatures on it from many lovely people in the quilting industry.

So be sure to BID BID BID!  Help us Save quilters stories!
Become a Quilt Alliance member!

I'm off to pack, and fly on home. YAY!!!!


  1. Whew! Lots of travel, many miles of fun!
    Welcome Home

  2. Have a safe trip home, Victoria! Have so enjoyed your reports from Market and Festival, all very exciting. Looking forward to more reports and the quilts you entered.


  3. Safe trip home. Thank you for all the pictures and updates, it's been a blast traveling along.

  4. Happy Homeward Trails to you! Thanks for all the FBk pics. Those bundles are luscious...

  5. Have a great trip back home. It was great to see you here. I will do my best to sign up to your class when you come to visit the Houston guild. I will comment on your posts occasionally and not just lurk. Great demos at Juki.

  6. May you have traveling mercies and a wonderful trip home. It looks like the show was great fun as well as a huge success. Congratulations.

  7. Wow!! It's all happening in your world! How exciting!! Well done! Have a lovely home coming.

  8. Safe travel, Victoria! Looks like you had an amazing time, you must me exhausted by now!
    Congratulations on your new position!!

  9. I can't wait to get one of your Sonnet + Cherrywood bundles! I need to make something delicious...

  10. Best to you and your family, I bet they miss you too. And those puppers !~! Congrats on your anniversary of the book coming out; that's a great reason to celebrate.

  11. Catching up on blog reading since I got home from Houston. So fun to see the photo in this post I took of you at Open Studio (the one where you are standing) and had posted on FB and tagged you. It was so fun to get to watch you create in person! I will continue to follow your blog and enjoy the many ideas for 15 Minutes!


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