Thursday, November 7, 2013

glorious mess!

AHHHH!  Home sweet mess! There is something fun about going away to Houston… You get swept up in ideas, come home and start throwing fabric around in a flurry of goodness! I could not WAIT to dig out fabrics and work out ideas…

 You can tell I had not one problem with ideas…or making the big hot mess! LOL!


And here is what is only wall today…. Yep. One more Cancer quilt… Thank you again for all the fabulous blocks!! I had a few more packages sitting here when I got home! I can easily whip up this quilt today, and get it basted so I can quilt it, and mail it ASAP… Hugs to each and every one of you!

Hoping to see many of you in NJ Sunday Monday or Tuesday! 
See least post for where I will be!


Overland Park Kansas for the sewing and quilting expo! click here for more info!
sign up for my classes!, 21-23…

And join me for a quilt walk at 4pm on friday as I talk about the 13 quilts in my traveling exhibit!


 then off to Seattle for Thanksgiving again!)

Are you ready for Christmas?
Gasp… I haven't even started to think about it… yipes!


  1. Regarding all those anvil blocks, Victoria ... I read this fine quote and think it applies here:
    "Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life ... it's about what you inspire others to do."

  2. Sorry we won't be seeing you in Tinley Park for the Sewing and Quilt Expo again. We have a new exhibit from the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, calendar quilts. Check it out when you're in Kansas! Glad you're home making a mess!

  3. Such sweet words Victoria. Several years ago I made a quilt that went to Japan for those affected by the tsunami. Since then I have decided to give any charity quilts I make to stay here where I live. The needs of those close by are as important as the needs of those far away. So let's keep it local! I think that if one feels moved to donate to a disaster far away that money is the way to go. What do other's think???

  4. Love your glorious mess! Now about your call for help sewing anvil tops together. You could either mail me some blocks laid out the way want them sewn together and I would mail you the tops back OR we could talk about me making a road trip to NYC. A round trip ticket is less than $300 - and all I would have to do is find a good deal on a hotel room. We also would have to find time to visit AKN Fabrics. My brother stopped there earlier this year and sent me some fabric. He was overwhelmed with the quantity of African fabrics they had!

  5. Your brain must be on fire!! What a fabulous, inspiring mess! Enjoy!


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