Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fabric solution!

You guys had some good ideas! Thanks!  I got home very late last night, and woke up today, eager to PLAY in something… So out came the grinch-y looking fabric, and minutes later, I had a table cloth made.   I didn't like the feel of the home dec for a backing on my quilts, it does not feel snugly to me, so that was not going to be an option no matter how may times I washed it… I had thought I'd probably drape it around my Christmas tree, but I had just made a lovely tree skirt, so that really wasn't' what I needed either… I do love how the print works with the painting on the wall! All that COLOR! Yay!

After the table cloth was finished, I had scraps left…Just enough to whip up a dog bed for furry beasts!! I sat down to sew up the open seam after I stuffed it, and guess who, came up and jumped onto the pillow? Jenny Egg! How did she know it was for her?

 Well, It's for Both of the dogs….

But try to tell THAT, to the Egg-ster!


  1. Cute :) There is always one with dogs right ;)

  2. Dogs just know these things ! haha

  3. That is so kicked with coolness.

  4. Fabulous ideas - i love them both! I've been making dog beds with my little bitty scraps of fabric/batting/thread. I leave an old pillow case right by my sewing machine and all those bits go into it. when it's full, I sew up the end and drop it off at the animal shelter in town. But yours is so much nicer!

  5. Your choices were perfect! Love that fabric.

  6. great table cloth and matching doggy bed! Your dogs are way too cute!

  7. Lovely, both the tablecloth and the doggie bed cover.

  8. tablecloth looks great, as I knew it would!!
    Also luv the doggy bed!


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