Tuesday, November 19, 2013

20 things I like about you!

 Did you know there are 20 things I like about you?
You are 
smart, creative, friendly, sweet, colorful, crafty, giving, caring,  generous and kind.
You are also,
talented, special, loved, wise, thoughtful, polite, sincere, exciting, curious, trustworthy!

Can you say 20 nice things about someone today?
It will make you smile!

If you need a reminder, my quilt, "20 THINGS I LIKE ABOUT YOU" is up for AUCTION this week on EBAY for the Quilt Alliance.

Hop over here to see this weeks quilts that are open for bids.

Or click here to go bid on mine!

ALSO! Lori, who won a copy of my book sunday night, has picked HER person to WIN!
CONGRATS REGAN!!! Send me your address as well!

Have a lovely day!!


  1. Wonderful little quilt! Even more wonderful ... the message!!!

  2. It's up to $260 already with several days to go!! Great job :)


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