Thursday, October 31, 2013

Let Festival begin!

I received this picture for Boo this morning! She made her costume last night out of an old umbrella!
;-)  Pretty darn cool kiddo!

Finally got a picture of Lisa Sipes and I together with out Quilt, "Double Edged Love"! 
We jumped the ropes for a shot. ;-)

Last night, Was opening preview, and I was hanging in the Aurifil booth waiting all the people to start filling in... Pat Sloan was getting her game ready... ;-) Yes, we have mini golf in the booth..a hole in one for Aurifil thread!

 Then I hear, "Hi Ladies!!!" ...And there was Marie Bostwick,  It's funny when we all have to show up at Market or Festival to be able to see each other... Her Books here.
This is the market floor just before opening... it looks so nice and quiet right?  I should get a picture later when it's "full on commerce"... PACKED with people...  with all the Halloween costumes today!
Yes, the quilters really get into Halloween here... Yesterday, Kaffe, Liza Lucy and Brandon, were walking around with big Halloween decor, spiders on their heads...  Yep. everyone gets into the act!

Just a good shot for the DWR challenge at the Simplicity booth from Market...a good reminder! Hope you are working on your DWR!

challenge rules here!


  1. Hi visiting here...nice reading your post...

  2. Awesome! I love Boo's costume. The umbrella parts are genius, and I particularly like the sunglasses. Very cool.

    I've been enjoying your Market and Festival pics on FB and Instagram. Lots of good energy there in Houston!

  3. Your kid is awesome! How creative.have a great time at festival. Envious here in Dutchess county.

  4. that apple didnt fall far from the tree! B's costume is amazing!!!

  5. The bat costume is wonderful! Sounds like a fun time at quilt mart - I wish I was there! Maybe someday! Thanks for sharing pictures and the goings on. Happy Halloween!

  6. WONDERFUL costume, Beatrice. Happy Halloween!

  7. Coolest costume ever! Festival looks awesome...

  8. Boo's costume gets big points in my book and I am putting that idea in my Halloween notebook or should it go in the book of what to do with broken umbrellas?

    Love the pictures of Market....keep them coming.... hole in one???

    1. Hi Victoria
      Glad to see Boo has that creative genius! I'm really impressed by her costume ---please share that with her! Continue to enjoy festival --come home fully inspired and share more pics! Thanks again for the efforts in keeping us all in the loop!

  9. Happy Halloween to my favorite Bat Boo! And to you, too!

  10. Looks like everyone enjoyed their Halloween! Enjoy the rest of Market. Ordered my DWR to figure out where I put them...


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