Monday, September 9, 2013

Xmas project!

When I was at Mary Koval's shop, I had gathered all those beautiful fabrics and they have been sitting here taunting me to cut them up... Don't you hate that when that happens?  he he!
I figure it's time  for another Xmas quilt, Why not? So I cut into them last night, added some extra fun fabrics to bunch,  made one block, then immediately set out to make a whole bunch more... 
(Just like potato chips, I tell ya!)

 I made this block for a quilt for Michael Miller fabrics for Spring market, and always thought I needed to make another quilt with it... So, I thought, why not these!
 See how fast they are multiplying?
They do go together VERY QUICKLY... Want to sew along?

Winged Square block 

What you will need: 
These are 15" finished blocks... 15.5" unfinished.

Background fabrics:
I like to use as many different backgrounds as possible for that good SCRAPPY look...
so for each block, I cut
3.....6 3/4" blocks of  background fabrics 
2.....5 1/2" blocks of  background fabrics 

RED & GREEN fabrics:
3.....6 3/4" blocks of  red or green (your choice) fabrics 
1.....5 1/2" blocks of  (red or green) fabrics 

I plan on making 16 blocks... so 8 are green and 8 are red... Although, if you know how I design quilts, that may very well change by, say, tomorrow. LOL! ( good luck with that!) I have no set plan for my blocks... I just make them, and put them up ,and look at them, and wait for them to tell me what's next...

to make 8 SUPER FAST HST's ( my pal Peg's way)
lay your 6 3/4"squares, one background and one color fabric, right sides together.
 (below) Draw a line diagonal from corner to corner on each of the three sets..., sew a 1/4" seam down either side of the Drawn line.

then make 4 cuts... corner to corner, and also horizontal middle and vertical middle... 

 trim your dog ears... it makes for much easier piecing...

I like to chain piece my HST's into strips to join this block in three segments... note the layout on the HST's go in opposite directions on either end of the block...

Winged Square block

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  1. What a great block! Love scrappy quilts girl! Great job!

  2. Love that swirly dot fabric you brought home, and in two colors, too!

    Fun block, will be lovely in green/red. I will resist... but only because I have fallen in deep love with Anvil blocks and this past week cut a HUGE stack of fabrics to make a quilt of my own. Yes, I'll make more with-blue blocks for you along the way, as I have cut for far more blocks than even a large quilt will use.

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...maybe not Christmas prints but I have a ton of leaf prints I've been hoarding...this might work! Thanks for the tute!

  4. LOVE the block! Great tute too!!! Oh how you lead me into temptation Victoria Findlay Wolfe!

  5. Love the block! I feel a quilt coming on! Thanks V!

  6. great block and yes I could use a Christmas quilt.....sitting here smiling at all these reproduction fabrics your using.....thinking who would have ever thought Victoria and reproduction fabrics :)
    looks wonderful, keep going!

  7. Lovely blocks; I like the different scrappy bkgrnds a lot! Julierose

  8. Great block - great fabrics! This is going to make an outstanding xmas quilt! Thanks for the tutorial and breaking it down. You are some kind of speedy sewer to get seven blocks with 51 pieces each for a total of 357 pieces done so quickly (I couldn't help myself with figuring out the number of pieces!)

  9. Thanks for the great tutorial for this block! Love your book (although sadly my copy is not signed) and your fabric choices. Is there a formula for the 4 fast HST method? So for 4 2.5" finished HSTs you need (2) 6.75" large squares to start... what if I want 3" finished HSTs? Is there a magic formula for changing the sizes?

  10. My question is similar to Shelley's. It would be great to know the magic formula to make fast HST's just like the magic formula to make quick flying geese blocks in any size. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Love your fabric choices! They are "Christmasy" without being "Christmasy". Ya know what I mean? ;-) I have Christmas projects "waiting in the wings" but will be in "Fall mode" for the next few weeks. Going to finish up some Halloween tabletoppers from last fall that will be "treats" for family this year. :-)

  12. Oh my, I simply have to try this block! Going to try it out in repros here...

  13. I love the look of this block, if I wasn't doing Fractured I would love to sew along, but I will add this to my list of "want to do"


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