Friday, September 6, 2013




  1. This feels like the start of a new year for me, too. I always loved going back to school (weird, I know) and I now love the start of my new guild seasons. What did I do on my summer vacation? I sewed my first Double Wedding Ring! I took the challenge and mastered it on the first try, thanks to your tutorial and those templates from Michele. I am confidant the year ahead will be a breeze. Sending hugs and best wishes to Jenny Egg...

  2. Oh no... I hope all goes well with Jenny Egg... Please keep us up to date. I hope you get your Mojo back and not just sew sleeves and bindings. Once you get back into your city routine, all will fall into place!! Missed you on Thursday night, but I did get to see Helen and Jessica, it was a wonderful surprise!

  3. Enjoyed your video blog today, have missed them with you being busy this summer.

    All the best to Jenny Egg!

  4. I hope Jenny Egg has an easy time of her surgery and recovery, and that you have all the energy needed to take care of her. That growth has gotten very large so hopefully it will be benign and she'll do great post-op.
    Feels like a new year to me to it always has in Sept. and not Jan., maybe from celebrating with my Jewish friends all these years :0).

    Rest up, get settled into the new school routine, and have a super New Year :0) Big Hugs

  5. You sound like you need a jammy day... Just snuggle up, read a book, play a game, let Jenny sleep on you. Forget what you need to do for 24 hours. Sometimes we pretend its a snow day, and relax all day... Try it! You'll find your energy soon. Hugs to Jenny.

  6. Sympathy and hugs to Jenny Egg, and some to you too. If I had to come back from a summer house, I'd be bummed too. Luckily fall is my favorite season, life is settling down a bit, and fall retreat is coming up so I'm feeling just the opposite. Life is made up of rhythms, isn't it?

  7. Hey Victoria
    So sorry to hear that Jenny Egg needs surgery. My prayers for a very speedy recovery. please keep us posted!
    missed your blogs---enjoyed hearing from you and seeing you today. Yes, Yes, Yes---getting back into the fall season with lots on my plate, and my baby girl starting her senior year in high school! I'm so proud of her--she's a
    National Honor Society student, and this year she will be looking for colleges--hopefully scholarships too!
    Besides working at a fabric shop--I'm preparing for some local artisan shows---sewing as speedy as I can. Art quilts,
    Vintage repurposed pillows, baby quilts, some mixed media art too! Soooo busy--but so much fun! loving all of it.
    Looking forward to Quilters Take Manhattan--now that's a cool reason to love the fall season! The trailer on u-tube was fabulous!
    Again, my prayers, love and hugs to Jenny Egg---please keep us posted on her recovery--I will pray to St Francis--he always helps the animals!
    And happy Stitchin'

  8. It is hard to get back into a routine, but I think once you get a plan together you will get all those loose ends tied up and move on to a wonderful project! Hugs to Jenny Egg that her surgery goes well!

    Did you see the picture of the Ocean Waves quilt I posted on my blog? It would make a lovely xmas quilt. Even the brown and yellow plaid would look good in it. It was all I could do not to stop everything I was doing and make a quilt like it for myself.


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