Monday, September 2, 2013

spring/FALL cleaning...

 Back to NYC!  This is my time to re-organize for fall... Get quilts sorted and back into bins so it all looks nice around here! Well, at the moment it looks like a storm went through... it is raining after all...

Scraps are pushing me out of my studio... three bags are awaiting there fate... 
Storage? House studio? stay here? they are to pretty to get rid off... all the stuff behind it is my POLYESTER fabrics... LOL! Where will they all live?

The Studio itself, well.... little piles of paperwork everywhere...  It's so dark and gloomy in here today!

At least I have nice nails...  hehe! Beatrice and I had a mommy daughter play nail date... we did each other's nails!
These are mine. I can change my mood by whichever finger I show...
I best stop with that convo now...

P.S. this was the last view of the day, at the house... ;-)


  1. Wow! Lots of scraps and sorry it's so gloomy there. It's nice and sunny here in OKC. Love the nail polish. When my daughter, Victoria, was little she would call it make-up nails. :-)

  2. I am organizing my quilt stuff today, too. It's been overflowing my quilt room, creeping upstairs and down. Having a good time discovering all the UFO's from last year. I sure had great expectations!

    1. Studio clean-up must be in the air. I've been at it, too... listed some scrap bags on Etsy early this morning and they got snapped up. A little space cleared in the bins, will refill quickly. Now to finish cleaning up the rest of the studio and get back to sewing.

  3. Love all the scraps. Doing nails with daughter priceless.

  4. Your middle fingers are the faces I am making right now looking at all of those delicious scraps.....YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


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