Monday, September 30, 2013

PLAY! Dance! Create!

Happy Monday!! WAHOO! 
I get to sew! Kim is here to play and I am sewing like a crazy woman,
 dancing around my studio! Life is good!

GO PLAY! ;-)

...and Dance!!!

(You can't take the country out of the farm girl! Even if she lives in NYC!))


  1. Life is definitely good when one can "Play, Dance and Create"!! Love the embroidery piece. I'm working on some embroidery, too, and what I love about it is the peacefulness that comes when I get so engrossed in the stitching that I lose all track of time! :-)

  2. All Reggae All The Time! Especially when I'm standing at the cutting table. When I'm sitting at the machine, then it's audio books. Our local library is small and not part of a larger network, so I usually end up buying books on disc and then I donate them to the library when I'm done. I'm trying to grow that section single-handedly it seems.

  3. COUNTRY MUSIC... we need to talk GF

  4. Saw a cow on the design wall... is that just inspiration?

  5. I can't find any Country music here on Long Island. Guess I'll have to move to Manhattan!

  6. Clean for a day = queen for a month!

  7. Love the embroidery work, can't wait to see the finished product. Such great ideas you girls! Have a great day. x

  8. Wonderful experience to be at quilters take manhattan! Great to get to meet you! Being in the same room with such talent was an honor. Hollis Chatelain's lecture and work blew me away! I've seen the piece "innocence" in pictures, but to see it in person was an experience to cherish! Enjoy your "playing and dancing"----because in the end that's all that really matters! Have fun and happy Stitchin'

  9. I'm heading to my sewing room to do the same! Sure guarantees a happy day. ;o) Enjoy!


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