Tuesday, September 24, 2013

new homes.

Two quilts left me last week to go to their new homes. I love when the new owners send me pictures of the rooms the quilts will live!  "Opposites Attract", that was in Quilters Companion in AU, looks fabulous on that big white bed! And some little guy has an early quilt of mine! "Election Year" from 2008, a Inauguration quilt, (Old post here!) is now found it's home along with those sweet plaid pillows and a much loved bear!

Speaking of NEW HOMES!
We need more quilts for THE RETREAT!
Got a quilt to warm someone's heart this winter?
Pop over here for more info. Share a quilt. ;-) 
Thank you for your kindness!


  1. Beautiful quilts!!! Nothing warms up a room better than a quilt!

  2. How fun to see them in their new homes. Did you sell them?

  3. Oh yeah they are looking good! Nicely done.

    Happy Sewing

  4. So great to see your quilts in other people's lives! I love to see my fabrics in other people's quilts, too. It is a warm reminder of our connections to others...even those we will never meet.

  5. Both quilts look great in their new homes.

  6. great pics. Love the white bed. So classic. The little boys room is perfection too.
    It's hard to part with our quilts sometimes! It is for me, anyway... :)


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