Sunday, September 15, 2013

Book covers... tutorial

Back to school... Every night, beatrice has come home with different books that need book covers... Last year I covered her book with fabric,and she loved it so much, she brought all her books to me to cover... ( and I thought I was being clever?) ha ha!  Not only did she think it was cool, but her friends decided that that could be their bday gifts... so, Now I'm making covers as gifts for her friends school books... ROFL!
They last, they stay in place, they protect... perfect!  and as fast and easy as doing the same thing with paper... here's what I do...

 I have  a bolt of fast to fuse interfacing... great for bags, and book covers! ;-)

I cut a piece of interfacing about a 1/2" bigger then the book.

I then cut the fabric choice at least an 1" bigger all around, and press the edges over... remember this is fusible stuff... easy!

 I zip around the edges to hold that all in place 1/8 around the edges....

 I lay the book inside to  find the center....
 ... then fold the ends inside leaving just a tony extra space so the cover doesn't warp inside the cover... and hand crease it.... take the book out,

and take it back to my machine to sew down again, 1/8" to tack the fold over... (If you go any deeper you wont get your cover into that pocket...)

 tada... lickety split...
Pop the cover edges into those folded over  pockets, then smile a big grin when you hand them over to your daughter, showing just how cool you really are....  ;-)

Just be careful... you may find your self using up that BOLT of interfacing on all her friends books, as well.  


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  1. I am SO EXCITED to win the ticket!!! Sorry the 1st pick couldn't come , but I will be there FOR SURE!!! Wouldn't miss it for the world.

  2. That's a really great idea... I'll try with a notebook. I have a feeling that for one time I'm lucky having only boys. I cant imagine them bringing me many books to bind in fabrics. My girl friends however... That's a totally different case. Must be sure not to show them my note book once finished ;)

  3. Very clever! When my daughter was in school I covered her math book with old blue jeans and kept the pocket on the front for pens. Thanks goodness that didn't catch on! Haha.

  4. What, a live quilt design match? I'm sorry I can't hop on over, it sounds like a fun party!

  5. I like your idea of using the fusible interfacing! Clever.

  6. Hi Victoria, I've really enjoyed your website and blog, and I find your book covers delightful. It was great meeting you this past Monday and I hope to be able to spend some time with you when you're in Wisconsin in June. Blessings, Chris

  7. This is a great idea! I just ordered the interfacing, now I have to wait a week for delivery. That's the only "kind of bad" thing about living in Northern Wisconsin.... thank goodness for UPS! We have a great local Quilt Shop but they don't have this item.


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