Wednesday, August 28, 2013

squishy packages of support.

Thank you Ellen and ROZINA for  your blocks! 
The squishy envelopes are arriving and I am working on getting this quilt top together ASAP. 

I dug out the extras from the last batch, and have enough to piece together a decent size top for this one. I have two to make.  I thank you for your help!
It's been a tough week. Heading back to NYC this weekend for the school year... time to pack up... I'm not ready for fall.


  1. Looking good! You'll have another squishy with three blocks soon. ;)

  2. Hi Victoria...I have two blocks ready to mail out to you. I hope they didnt need to be from "made" fabric, cuz they arent but they do have the blue background.

  3. mine is on the way :0)

    I bet you feel like summer just flew by, you did so much though!

    Happy School year for you and Miss B.

  4. I just sent you a squishy with 4 blocks today. Two are kind of bland so you might want to hold onto them for another quilt later on. They are happy fabrics, just not a lot of contrast. Would be good for a baby quilt, maybe.

  5. You have six more coming. Mailed them today.

  6. you did a bit of traveling this summer and had a lot of fun I bet at all the quilty things you did - those are lovely blocks. Nice that you have a place outside of the city for the summer months.

  7. Yep, it's been a rough week here for us, too...we just drove back to WA after three fabulous weeks in Minnesota. I could have stayed so much longer....

  8. This Texas gal will be mailing five blocks tomorrow. Glad to see the turquoise background in some blocks. These are so fun, the next few may lean toward blue- green for the background. Cheers, Beth White


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