Friday, July 26, 2013

WWC: Quilters!

I'm excited to share with you a new book coming out in October! 

I have been a fan of Where Women Create, and Jo Packham for some time... Jo really knows how to put a magazine together. Always beautiful, full of inspiration, and complete eye candy! So when I was asked to be a pat of this book, I did a little jump for joy!
(Her books are even more glorious & fun)!

Must put this on your pre-order list...

And while your at it...
Order this one too... I have it, I love it, and my friend Michele's pie, is on the cover! YUM!


  1. Hey Victoria
    You are absolutely right--Jo Packham is also a favorite of mine!
    Her magazines, her books----bring me to my happy place! She fills me with inspiration, and really gets the creative juices flowing---so glad you posted this new book---it's officially on my gotta have it list!
    Hugs and
    happy Stitchin

  2. P.s. Just wanted to add congrats on being part of this book, another exciting venture for you!

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  4. What an honor to be recognized by this creative community! You inspire so many of us already.


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