Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pieceful Hands

Lecture at Waupaca, Pieceful Hands Quilt Guild!  What a fun night and a great group of ladies!  Cute town too!  I thoroughly enjoyed the trip up. A huge thanks to Peggy R for her help and accompaniment. We had some nice times touring Waupaca!
Where is Mignion?
He's catchng on.. people are now asking for him...
You can see Minion is making his rounds... here he's saying hello to all the ladies..... ;-)

They had quilt tops that they made using techniques for my book,  and brought them along to show!  heres they used made fabric for the sashing on a kids quilt and below...
Joanne made the anvil block quilt. So bright and happy! Joanne was a great help, as was Peggy, as she took me antiquing! ;0), and Rose...all amazing ladies, a good crowd.. we expected 80, and we had I guess that 's a good turn out! A big thanks to Christine too!  What a life savor...  I really wish I could have packed you up and taken you along with me the rest of this week! ;-)

Speaking of antiquing....
Here's my latest find....

;-)  a 2.5" wide braided wool rug... the rows are HUGE... good scrappy beauty.. I've never seen one with rows so fat like this...
sigh. ;-)

I must stop shopping though... I am picking up my mom and niece in Chicago to drive back to NY! Wherever will they sit?

Do you enjoy visiting antique shops?


  1. They make both UPS and FEDEX stotres to ship the excess!

  2. You could always strap them to the roof of the car! :o) Gorgeous rug.

  3. Yes, I love antiquing! Lots of fun, thank goodness I like to look more than buy.

  4. Lovely rug! I do like to go into antique or junk shops. You never know what you will find! I went to the one across the street from work last week because I caught a glimpse of a new/old quilt out of the corner of my eye. I posted pictures on my blog and drew up the size of the blocks. It would use up all those small bits of fabric. The also have lots and lots of dishes, cookie cutters, linens, silverware, and lots and lots of stuff! I don't dare go in there very often because there is just too much cool stuff I would bring home!

  5. That is the best braided rug ever! Colors are so vivid. Is it very old?

  6. Hey Victoria
    Love that rug ----the vivid colors---and that wide braid, I also never saw that before! Great find---how old is it?
    Yes, Yes, Yes---antiquing is my next greatest joy next to quilting. I base my vacations, journeys and joy rides on finding quaint shops all over the map! I am blessed to live in upstate New York where antiques abound. When I lived close to NYC I often went to the garages/flea market held on the weekends -----near 25th street---next to city quilter. Living 2 hours away I currently don't have the opportunity to go too often. I'm sure you've checked them out!
    Recently, about 2 weeks ago I did attend The Country Living Antique Fair in Rhinebeck New York. It was FABULOUS!!! Like you I shopped, and packed the car to the hilt!! What fun!!
    I usually purchase items that of course relate to vintage sewing. Picked up wonderful old fabrics, trims, and a really cool old large doll cradle that will be used as a prop when I sell my wares. Check out the country living traveling schedule---they travel the country, and will be back in Rhinebeck next June!
    Your trip sounds like it's going wonderfully----enjoy---
    And always,
    Happy stitchin'
    And happy antiquing

  7. Love to antique, flea market and go to consignment shops.
    Is the quilt being held up your kitchen sink quilt?
    Have been contemplating one to clean up all loose pieces and I love the way that quilt looks!

  8. My hubby always teased our sons that if the car was too full, they could always ride either 'luge' or 'bobsled' style on the roof. Not sure if Boo would appreciate that or not.

  9. I enjoyed your trunk show at Peaceful Hands. Thanks for the opportunity to meet you and see your beautiful work.


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