Saturday, June 1, 2013


 Overwhelmed with good MOD love.
Today was our last meeting of the season for us, and my last as guild president of the NYC MOD's!  Four years ago I started the NYC group, in my loft, with a 12-15 people at the first meeting...Little did I know that it would grow into this fabulous group  pushing 90 people, would become my community! I  love these guys!  We have so much fun at our meetings. Every time I turn around someone surprises me with some other fabulous quilt... Inspiration soars in this room!  Today was no different... I gave my little farewell speech about how it all started, and got very choked up when comparing how nervous I was then, at that first meeting, and now,  (How I was still so nervous)  and  being so grateful for all the good stuff that has happened in the past 4 years...    This NOT the road I pictured my life going down... but I am so happy that it did. I love my NYC MODS!
They surprised me and Earamichia,the out going secretary, with "V" & "E" blocks...  I just LOVE THEM!!! and they are ORANGE!!! E's were purple.... I heard afterwards that when they asked the guild to make the blocks for us that they all sighed, "thank goodness they were straight easy letters!" LOL!  Waaay to much fun!

Here's a shot from the meeting, with 4 of our guild quilts made in the past 4 years.... 3 were auctioned off, and one, was silent auctioned... The purple Cherrywood quilt, which I was bidding feverishly on, and people kept out bidding me... at  the last minute, when they were announcing the winner, I ran up and said, WAIT!!! I have to bid!!!  I put the final bid on it to win...  then.
much to my surprise...
I was let in on a secret...
it was a hoax!
They GAVE me the quilt,!! and had me strung all along, to surprise me!

Yes they did, those rascals...  I'm so grateful to have started this group, and have gotten to know everyone so well, we are very close group, and we keep it as rule free and all inclusive as possible... That's modern to us!

 This is out most recent guild quilt which hung at Quilt Market in the Timeless Treasures booth... Isn't it so fun?  We used the solids, and SKETCH fabric to make the quilt.. and lastly, some show and tell...

My ladies who helped make all this possible... Andrea, E, Andrea, myself and Kim...
Love each of you
and ALL my MOD peeps.



P.S. I'm rushing off, forgive any incoherent typing, I must grab that cab to the airport to buzz to San Jose for 24 hours... See ya on Monday!


  1. Lots of color and fun. I love the V and E blocks. Do you know the way to San Jose? :o)
    Singing in my head...

  2. Love those orange V blocks! I'm sure you'll do something fabulous with them. And what a great fake-out faux auction! How lovely that you are so deeply appreciated by all the NYC Mod folks (and your far-off readers, too!).

  3. Bittersweet! I wish I lived closer so I could become involved. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments with the NYC MOD's!

  4. yay!!!! those blocks are awesome.

  5. Love the V blocks. Can't wait to see them in a quilt. Sounds like a fun group. I gotta quit procrastinating and start a MQG in Montana.

  6. xoxo! you created a beautiful thing (our guild), thank you.

  7. Looks like you had a fun last presidental meeting! Well deserved I'd say. Hopefully you will find time to play with those fab orange V blocks and enjoy your new quilt. I am sure the people who were responsible were relieved that the hoax played out like it did - you could have been bidding like crazy on one of the other quilts and showed no interest in the last:)
    Safe travel, Victoria!

  8. How fantastic to see something that you started become so successful.

  9. They blessed you with the quilt, but you blessed them with 4 years of leadership! You all were blessed~ with sweet memories and a quilt! ♥♥♥

  10. The V and E blocks are such a fun idea!

  11. You will be our Mod Queen V forever! I came to your first meeting and I haven't missed one yet. You are just too much fun!!!!

  12. What lovely and well deserved surprises! Those "V" and "E" blocks are so inventive. The quilting community is just The Best, isn't it?!

  13. So colorful! I love your blog for that!

  14. The orange V blocks are great! I am sure you will put your magic touch to them and they will become something fabulous! Which is the purple cherrywood quilt? It must be my computer or my bad eyesight that I can't tell which one it is. They are all wonderful so receiving any of the four would be such a wonderful gift!

  15. What a great group making amazing quilts. I hope to win the hexies book.


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