Saturday, June 15, 2013

Duluth lecture/show/fun!

What a great day today!  First, Beatrice and I popped over to the MN quilt show, and our Group quilt that we had in Houston last year, won a honorable mention ribbon! then we popped over to Hannah Johnson fabrics, and scooped up some pretty fabs, and Cindy (above) shows me her quilt she made from my quilt in Aug/sept issue 2012 QUILT magazine.  She added a fun border, and her friend Debra quilted it! So much fun!

Exquisite Journey

Later thursday night, I gave a lecture/trunk show through Hannah Johnson Fabrics, to 70 quilters, and we all had so much fun... it was a BEAUTIFUL day in northern Minnesota...
 Linda made me a scrap bracelet, that I just love... thanks Linda!!!

Earlier in the day, Beatrice and I drove up to Gooseberry falls and the Split Rock light house.... You can see it was an amazing bright warm day... We spent the afternoon jumping over rocks and climbing around the falls.... so much fun.  Lake Superior is so crazy beautiful.... I have fond memories from when I lived here back in '93.

I'm running off my phone pics...I forgot I can't load camera images on my new mac book air with out my superdrive... LOL! (left that at home so, sorry the blurry pics.... I snapped photos of the photos off my camera screen! Oh well.. better then nothing!


  1. oooh, Gooseberry Falls, we loved that place, although when we were there one July it was really buggy.

  2. Glad you're having fun! And I thought everyone in Minnesota had blond hair--ha!

  3. Looks as though you're having a great time! Can't wait til next summer in St. Louis!

  4. Lovin' all those pics of MN! Brings back fond memories of our trips "up north" when I was young. Have you caught any walleyes yet?


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