Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chicago Modern workshop.

What a great group of ladies!!! They took off and running producing so much work, and all left with a good idea of moving forward... What new thing could they try, how to get them to step outside the box of their normal routine, how learning a few new techniques opens up oodles of options.... etc etc... 
Well done Chicago Modern!!
It was great to see friends who live here as well... Now I sit here, in the parking lot of Nordstroms (using their wifi from the car) waiting for my mother and niece's delayed flight... I may need to go buy a pair of shoes! LOL!  
Fabulous trip... I'm now ready to start the drive back to NY.
xoxo - V



  1. Hi Victoria,
    looks like a lot of fun. If you feel like coming to Rochester, NY. The RMQG would love to have you come and do 15 mins of play with us. Just throwing it out there....I am not sure if you travel this far upstate often?.
    Have a safe trip home to New York.
    Thanks Julie, treasurer RMQG.

  2. Too much fun!

    You drive carefully now :0)

    Happy Sewing

  3. Hiya! Looks like you have had a great trip. Safe travels back into the city. BTW got the quilt! LOL

  4. Hey Victoria
    Safe travels---yep---what the heck--buy some shoes---after a successful road trip you deserve me'
    Have fun on your travels home---let us know if you stop at any fun antique shops or quilt shops along the way!
    Happy stitchin'

  5. Oops sorry should have been them instead of "me"---funny typo

  6. Looks like you've had a great time on the road. Love that curved Dresden!! Enjoy the time with your Mum and sister.

  7. We're so glad you came! Everyone was so inspired, and we can't wait to share at our next guild meeting! Thanks, Victoria.


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