Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Market... What an exciting time... Having a fabric line was something I had hoped would come at some point mostly because of my art background...  And all that PLAY in fabric certainly gets one thinking about what kind of fabrics I like to use.   I'm so happy with the way they came out,and I can not wait for them to hit the stores... perhaps in about two months or so... I will certainly let you all know when they ship. So here is the booth for Newcastle fabrics.  QUILT MARKET is all about showing off all the new products in the industry... So,new books, fabrics, threads, patterns etc etc etc... You name it, if it is something you buy in a quilt shop, it's here at market, and shops are there to buy and order.

It's all about showing off what you got!  So,  our newest lines at Newcastle are what we were highlighting in our booth. Using our new Christmas line, Wishes as our starting point for inspiration, we made Christmas stockings from many of the lines, and ornaments from them as well.

Besides the booth, We have Schoolhouse presentations... MANY new products do these presentations that are either 15 minutes long or 30 minutes. About 20 of these go on, at one time, in various rooms, so shops can pop around from presentation to presentation to see what's new; Hearing about the items, see them up close, etc. etc... So...

I did one for my Fabric line, SONNET , showing off the new line, talking about it, how it came to be, inspiration...How I use it, show products made with it, give ideas how you can use it in your shop for classes.... etc.  rather like an infomerical!  I also was a part of the MODERN BABY book schoolhouse presentation for Martingale...

People fill up the room, goodies are given away for free, because we all love FREE! Samples are passed around, questions are asked etc. We have a raffle, and everyone moves on to the next...  It's fun too!

After I was done I popped in on Pat Sloan's Aurifil Schoolhouse, where she presented the quilt that was part of the 2012 Designer BOM project that I was included in... Which by the way, the blocks, pattern etc, are always online and available! (as are the other past projects) The top right block(below) was mine, I had MARCH... (click those BOLD links)

So now I'm home, and preparing for the end of the school year, and summer!  Our road trip to MN, and teaching in MN, IOWA, WI, and IL will keep me busy for the next couple weeks... Time will fly by, and I must get off my duff and get cracking...
Check my schedule HERE to see if I will be in your area... Come say hi!

Speaking of saying HI... Bill Volkening came by to say hi, as we are featured together as the DOUBLE KNIT TWINS.... Our collections of Double Knit quilts is featured in the newest issue of Generation Q magazine ( DO YOU HAVE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION? Love the magazine and it keeps getting better and better! LOVE IT! fun read, humorous and clever) this month. Now I know who I am often bidding against! LOL!  Super nice guy... You can tell we were already having way to much fun...

So, what else helps after market? the consumer telling their shops, (because we all need those LQshops!) to go buy our favorite products... magazines, threads, fabrics, books etc.... so if you see something you like, here or anywhere, be sure to tell your shops to carry these products... They also need to know what YOU want.

Me? I'd like more TIME please! LOL!
...and more double knit quilts too!  hehe!


  1. Wow! What a trip! And goodness me all those fabric lines for Newcastle fabrics are divine!

  2. congrats on the fabric line and I hope you squeeze in some time for yourself.

  3. Love the fabric and am looking forward to getting my hands on some. As for time, well most of us would be eager to get more too!

  4. The booth looked great and it sounds like you had a great time! To be able to go to Quilt Market has to be a treat esp. to see your fabric displayed! I am going to have to go across the street - it looks like they have a new crop of vintage quilts. There was a lone star quilt that caught my eye.

  5. bet market this time was really fun for you! so much excitement! I am hoping that my next repro meets modern quilt can be using your floral print...can't wait to see it in person

  6. Looks like you had a great time. Love the new lines. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your double knit quilts sound like fun. I remember when we sewed our own pants, etc. and my great aunt wanted the scraps to make quilts. Who would have thunk!

  8. We had fun! I'm so glad we could spend time together.

  9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new fabric line! It was good to meet you at market this time.

  10. So excited to see your fabric. I wish I could have been at schoolhouse, but I didn't get to market this time. I will see you soon when you come to the shop I work at. Can't wait.

  11. Thanks for the great pictures. Can't wait to buy Sonnet in the LQS!

  12. I love the florals in your fabric line. :)
    My first quilt was a double knit quilt, made in 1987 or so... my grandma helped me make it. Here it is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/17723088@N00/4581470265/

  13. Looks looks like you had great fun - well done you!

  14. I attended your Schoolhouse session. Thanks for the goodies in the burlap bag. I tried to catch up with you while you were in the Newcastle booth, but it didn't work out. Good luck with the fabric line.


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