Tuesday, May 14, 2013

last minute things

visit Newcastle blog today!

Off to pack! Heading to Portland for Spring Quilt Market!

Whose that chick with the double knit?


Do you have any double knit quilts, in your possession?


  1. I hope your trip to market is awesome!

  2. Have a great time, Victoria! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. If you run into my friend Jodie from Vintage Ric Rac give her a hug from me!

  3. My grandmother passed away recently and I received several quilt tops from her massive sewing stock pile. Among those were two cotton tops and three large double knit quilt tops. I have a smaller double knit lap quilt that she gave me and that thing is a workhorse. My kids have dragged it all over the house and it shows absolutely no wear. I love it!

  4. I did have a couple, and I gave them away. I didn't make them, but some of those double knits were beautiful, while others were down right UGLY!!! LOL!!!
    Enjoy your trip, and have fun showing off your new line of fabric!

  5. Oh dear...I am in LOVE with that purse!!! You're pretty awesome yourself! Wishing I was meeting up with you in Portland!

  6. I have a wonderful double- knit quilt made by my " gramma Gracie". You'd love it. It's solid squares alternating with made fabric squares. FABULOUS! She made it in the '50s.

  7. Victoria---
    have a great trip my friend! Enjoy market and showing your fabulous new fabric line! What a thrill! Well I'm off to make a purse like you posted----I Absolutely LOVE IT!!! Wish I had your new fabric to make it---but I'll just make more of em' when the comes out---Yeh!!!
    Much love to ya,
    And as always ,
    happy Stitchin'

    1. Oops ---"when the new fabric line comes out"

  8. I did not even know what double knit was before I started blogging, so that would probably be a no. Have fun at market with the tie and bag and congratulations on your new adventure as a Cover Girl:)

  9. Woo hoo!! Congratulations! Have a great time at Market

  10. Yes, I recently found a bubblegum pink double knit dress from the sixties in my mom's closet.....and it is trimmed with maribou feathers. Hot Mama!!!

  11. I don't have one, but I slept under one years ago and it was SO warm! I love your clutch bag and tie made from your fabric. Can't wait to purchase that fabric!

  12. I have a small stash of vintage double knit. No plans for it yet. Enjoy your trip to Portland. Hope the weather cooperates, though I suppose you'll mostly be indoors.

  13. Have a great time and good luck with the new fabric line!

  14. I have at least 3 double knit quilts. One is finished, and, two more are just tops, handed down thru family. One is even a hexie quilt.

  15. No double knits in my possession, but I just wanted to say how cute your clutch is -- especially in your fabrics. :-)


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