Monday, April 8, 2013


My grandmother Elda Wolfe's Quilt.
I had so much fun in Schaumburg, IL at the Sewing & Quilting Expo!  I taught a few workshops on 15 Minutes of play, and then I popped over to talk about the 13 quilts hanging from my book, 15 Minutes of Play.  I have to tell you, walking over to see the quilts hanging, and seeing my grandmother's quilt there, brought me a few tears.... I wish she could have seen the work I do now, based on what I learned from watching her work... I think she'd be having a good chuckle about it now... and be so proud.

It was great fun, telling the stories behind each of the quilts... Perhaps I will see you at some of the other shows...

Speaking of FUN, pals from all over the internet came by to say hi, hug, and or take the workshops...Putting a face tot he emails makes such a wonderful connection... I'm very grateful for all my quilty friends!

Saturday morning, I had some free time, so I went and jumped in on Lisa Sipes Long arm quilting class! I figure, now that I have a HANDI QUILTER, I best get to know how to use the darn thing! Who better then to learn from, but my partner in crime, on the "DOUBLE EDGED LOVE" quilt, Lisa Sipes!  Waaaay to much fun, and now I am super excited to get my machine up and running!

Speaking of which... If you want to read about how the quilt came to be, check out the MAY issue of AQS American Quilter magazine... page 86.  Maybe it will make sense to you then. ;-)
I may do a little video for you tomorrow, about the quilt,while I sit and wait for the plumber to come... 
;-) my kitchen sink is on the fritz as well as my leaky water heater... no dishes for me to wash today!!

Is there a quilt design that you want to make one day, that you haven't yet?
 Or a design you think you never will make?


  1. What a thrill for all! Your grandmother had no idea what she was starting. Imagine how many quilters you are setting in motion! I will never look at the Double Wedding Ring in the same way again. Never wanted one before...

  2. The quilts look great! I wish they would have had to come to the Cleveland show so I could have met you! I love the wedding ring quilt and that is one quilt I don't think I will ever make. My Mom made several of them. I just don't think I have the patience to make one and beside it would never be a cool as yours!

  3. Your grandmother would be tickled pink - and so proud of you, I'm sure of it. All of our grandmothers would be pleasantly surprised at the current quilting popularity - let me awesome quilters like you who continually inspire us to create. It was so fun to meet you V!

  4. p.s. forgot to say - one of my someday quilts is a house quilt of some sort.

  5. Your quilts look just great shown this way. I'm sure your grandmother IS very proud of you!

  6. I bet it was emotional to see your grandmother's quilt hanging in the show. I'd be bawling my eyes out.

    It bet it's fun meeting your readers in person. Quilting is such a wonderful, open community of artists.

    As for something that I'd like to do is curved piecing. I'm scared of curves. Petrified.

  7. Your grandmother's quilt is so beautiful! That black background it's displayed on makes it pop!

  8. Hi Victoria
    Congrats again! What a wonderfully display of art!
    I will not say your grandma would have been proud, but I will say she IS PROUD!!! I truly believe that those we love never leave---she's looking down smiling--- knowing you have come full circle girl----like the double wedding ring!!!

    Meeting your fans must be so rewarding----we really do love ya! I hope someday to meet you as well--hopefully at quilters take manhattan in sept.

    My someday project --a thirties quilt with little sun bonnet sue's all decked out in their finest , perhaps with a modern twist---gotta figure out just how I want this to look!
    as always wishing you the best,
    Happy Stitching

  9. I will never do a quilt heavy with applique! LOL. Never, you hear me, never! I cannot work that tedious-ly. Is that a word?

    There are so many I want to make, so many to do, and more come out with every book!

  10. No dishes!! Adore that positive attitude!!!

  11. Lovely quilt show and sounds like it was filfilling in lots of ways. There are so many quilts I'd still like to make: Mariners Compass, Ocean Waves and Tokyo Subway are all on the bucket list :)

  12. It was nice to meet you in Schaumburg. Funny, you show one of your 15 Minutes of Play classes, and the one you show, includes several ladies from one of my guilds. Small world.

  13. My mom is into quilting, so I'm sure she'd love to participate in sewing and quilting workshop too. Anyway, what happened to your kitchen sink? The last time we had problem with our drains, my mom was so frustrated that she couldn't finish all her chores. Good thing the plumber came and fixed it right away. I hope your plumbing problems were all repaired by now.

    -Darryl Iorio

  14. How cool! I was at the Cleveland show and had a blast. My first show going to ever and just was in pure awe!!!!!!!

  15. looks and sounds like loads of fun. are you coming to the Baltimore show in May?


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