Tuesday, April 23, 2013



I whipped up the quilting on a new quilt yesterday, it felt GOOD to get that done!  Then I scanned my emails to see what was new, and this picture arrived!

How ADORABLE is this?  My GOOD Friend Ayana's twin boys at their baptism! Ooh, I just want to go snuggle them both... SOON!  That just made me SMILE!!!

I had reason to whip up another quilt for someone battling something, not fun...but GOOD that we can all help. So I grabbed 12 blocks from the stash of ANVIL blocks for these quilts, and whipped this up quick yesterday.. I am going to quilt it now, quickly, wash, bind and post today...  The blocks you guys sent to make these quilts for peeps who need a quilt hug, have been life savers...THANK YOU!  This is quilt #2 out of that batch of blocks, and I have enough for one more... In the past month alone, three friends were diagnosed with some sort of cancer... I hope this one brightens her day a bit, with all the love that went into these blocks from you guys...

A squishy package arrived for me today! SILKS!  Thanks Sarah for these beauties! THANK YOU! I must think about a second silk quilt!  These are so lovely!  I must play! This made my day!

And lastly, here's my two dress options for tonight... (So excited for my man!) I let my hubby pick both dresses, and also let him pick which I will wear tonight...
The foxy red one or the 1950's vintage Sequin number....
Guess what he chose?

He chose Sparkles!  ;-) the winner. He's happy!

Pics tomorrow.

Can you think of a good quilt-y deed to do today?
What if we all popped a package a scraps off to a dear quilt-y friend, just to surprise them?
Just because?

Make someone smile today.


  1. I deleted my earlier comment as I didn't see your last sentence that hubby had chosen the sparkle, I said he'd choose the red number, I like that one the best, but if I'd seen the sparkle on I'd probably chose that too. Lovely dresses both!

    Have a great time!

    1. I had fun allowing my husband to dress me... I hate clothes shopping soooo much... ;-) He loves both, but wants the sparkles for tonight! :-)

  2. The babies are adorable!! You are gorgeous!

  3. The The twins are so cute! Their expressions are so different I wonder what they are thinking! You would look fabulous in either dress! Have a wonderful time tonight at the awards! I am sure the quilt will be much appreciated! You can sure whip them up fast!

  4. I just read the article about you in Modern Quilts. Fun! Congrats. You sure get alot done. 15 minutes is what it takes, right?

  5. Sparkles is definitely the one! Congrats to hubby and have a glamorous fun night!

    I just wnat to kiss those cute babies

  6. Congratulations to Michael and his beautiful cheerleader!

    We are official residence of NC our house closed yesterday :0).

    Happy Spring

  7. Sounds like your day is off to a great start. Keep up the good work. Congrats to your hubby. Hope you all have a beautiful evening.

  8. Have fun tonight, LOVE the sparkly number, you will turn heads in that baby!

  9. you are amazing!!! Miz Sparkle lady!

  10. Such a lovely little quilt! Mailing such boxes of fabric therapy to friends has been such a blessing for me, also. We grow our "stashes", tending them diligently for that special quilt that may/may not ever materialize, so sharing the wealth is most definitely a 'good thing'. The twins just beg a huge squeeze! Hugs, Doreen

  11. I love coming to your blog because it's always filled with such positivity (is that dorky to say?!)I also love that sparkly dress :) can't wait to hear about your night

  12. YES! Sparkles rule in my world as well! Not that you don't look lovely in the other dress. Tell me, will you be donning the "pop art" make-up as appears in your caricature photo with the sparkly dress? LOL JK Godspeed to your friend.

  13. Have a great time and congratulations to your hubby!

  14. Congratulations to your hubby! Have a fabulous time, enjoy!

  15. Hey Victoria
    glad your hubby agrees with me---Yeh, sparkles win! Actually it was a win, win, choice----you look gorgeous in the red sexy number as well!!!
    Aj and Dj are adorable!!
    Love your idea for surprising a friend with fabric! Boxing some up right now!!
    Enjoy this evening,----can't wait to see pics
    Good karma to ya,love and hugs,and as always,
    Happy Stitchin'

  16. I am with hubby....Sparkles! :-) Have a GREAT time!

  17. Sparkles all around! Tears of joy for such joy in your life. Wishing all the best for an evening of wonder and love.

  18. Ooooohhh sexy sparkly mama! You GO Girl! If I had more quilty friends, I would love to send and recieve some scraps! The quilt looks great!

  19. Such a fun wonderful idea to premake a bunch of blocks to have around for when you need a quilt; love that!

    And you inspire me, what with your "whip up the quilting..." - ha! Oh, to one day be that confident & skilled. :)

    You are fast becoming one of my favorite quilters....

  20. LOVE the red dress!!!


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