Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aussie wrap up.

I took a day to spend with Kathy, running around the shop and getting prepared for my workshops. Kathy's shop is amazing. She has a great eye for picking fabrics, and for display of them, and I can now see why her quilts look the way they do! She has quite the knack for putting different sorts of prints together. I love that. She's willing to try it all. Gotta love that! This was the BOM quilt, that I made the "Mary" panel for, a while back.  Kathy and I had been chatting for a while, and at one point we realized without knowing, that we were simultaneously working on Mary's projects... So we really bonded over that experience...My Mary's are rooted deep in my grandmother, and have been making them and thing related to them since my days in college...if you have my book(signed copies here), you will see the reason for them in the back of the book. Happy, happy memories...


 All the glorious color really made my fingers itch to sew...

Beatrice ( aka: Boo)  was IS, enamored with all animals, dogs in particular. She takes it as a special challenge to love all dogs... Here we are visiting Cath's (works for Kathy) place, and her dog ERIC, who is quite skittish. Eric gave her a great stand off... It was all very humorous... perhaps you can envision what was going on between these two...
 Please NOTICE, that YES, they do BOTH, have their tongues sticking out.... and if Beatrice got to CLOSE to Eric, 
Well, her just flatly, would turn his back and scooch as far away from her as possible...Hilarious... eventually there was some ear scratching happening... All is well in the universe.  hehe!

Kathy was our tour guide one day and we walked across the Harbour bridge. Beautiful.  My family and I did manage to get to the opera on friday night, but,I'm afraid, the minute I sat down in the seat, I fell straight asleep... I'm told it was VERY GOOD by Beatrice and Michael... They stayed for the whole thing, I left at intermission and crawled into my bed. boo hoo.

 After a nice long walk we jumped over to Bondi Beach... One must see the surfers... ;-)
And Sunday we three, set off for Manly Beach for the day, then finished the day with a meal with Kathy and her husband and friend at Darling Harbor... an absolutely fabulous day...

OOH! Be sure to stop by TOMORROW (Friday the 29th) to say HI and wish my Happy Birthday,
 so I don't feel old. ;-) 
AND for some BIG SHOW and TELL!!! 

Lastly, the three winners of a pair of Havels Scissors are:
Kathy in FL


  1. Congratulations to the winners! It looks like you have a lovely time (even if it was very short). I can picture the whole interaction between Eric and Boo. I am always so insulted when an animal doesn't love me right away! I mean I love THEM right away, why wouldn't they love me??? Hahaha It's hilarious how Eric was turning away from her! I'm so glad to hear that he finally saw what a wonderful young woman she is. :D

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! That is a long trip and it takes time for your internal clock to adjust. Your birthday is the same as one of my brother's and guess where he is right now? Australia! He has been there two and a half weeks touring with Springsteen.

  3. What a fun trip!

  4. Thank you for sharing your trip with us! Enjoy your day birthday girl!

  5. You got a lot in for the short trip. I've been known to sleep through Phantom, on a date, no less!!!!!!

  6. Lucky you to be in sunny Australia! Happy Birtday tomorrow!

  7. I love your Mary Quilt. I'm laughing at Boo and the pup. I'm sure that was to watch them make friends.

    Thanks for sharing the sights of Australia. I hope to visit there one day.

    And Happy birthday!

  8. Sydney is such a beautiful place. Glad you got to see some of our fabulous country. Loved the Boo and Eric photos!

    Happy birthday for 29th!!! Hope you have the Best Time! x

  9. Happy Birthday! You have certainly earned all of the fun and friends in your life. Your gifts of inspiring others returns to you tenfold! Awesome photos, Yay!

  10. I went to Sydney for the first time in January. I loved it! I went to Bondi & Manly too. Did you see a Sea Dragon at Manly? My son who lives in Sydney had just told me he had never seen one, and then I turned around and there was one about a metre away from me. It was really special. I'm glad you had time for sight seeing too on your trip.


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