Saturday, March 2, 2013

Anvil blocks! T hanks!!!

WOW! I came home to a MASSIVE pile of envelopes! Thank you so much! I have enough for two quilts! Which I am thinking is NOT a bad idea to have on hand, as we always seem to have another reason to share a quilt with someone! THANK YOU to all who sent. I'm sure a few more will come this week. Know that I will grab enough from this batch to whip up a quilt.  Thank you for your kindness! Any extra's wil be saved for the next quilt for a cause.

I had sent out emails to the first batch of envelopes, then when I got home last night, I got a bit overwhelmed by them all and my to do list the next two weeks before I head to Sydney, AU  to teach. So I am thanking everyone else HERE. 

My Angel Helpers!!

Helen B
Kathy R
Jane B
Penny G
Patti A
Emily B
Amy M
Maureen O-E
Beth G
Susan I
Gail N
Li O
Jeanne C
P. Johnson
Stephanie S
Kathleen M
Margaret C
Barbara M
Karen L
Maryellen M
Lisa C
Diana N
Antonia M
Flaun C
Lisa M
Peggy R
Carol E
Eileen G
Carolyn B
Lynn P
Patsy J
Julianne K
Toni S
Betty G
Marei M
Ellen W
Paulette H
Megan W
Mimi G
Michelle O
Linda P
Jennifer H
Evelyn B

(So far, I think  I have everyone's name here that I have rcvd from, but I do make mistakes.) 

They are beautiful blocks!!!
Will post a top pic soon!

I'm scrambling to get two deadlines done, along with running over to Mark Lipinksi's house Wednesday to host with him on Creative Mojo, get packed and organized for teaching in AU, fill out a load of paperwork, pay my (Bleh), Bills, and still unpack from yesterday's return trip from SC. blah blah blah, etc etc... I'm thinking I need a local student for one day a week to help me out, anyone have a daughter in the city, that might want one day a week, work? ( Paperwork, email/computer stuff, nothing very exciting, post office runs, all easy and just everything that I have building up printer is my filing cabinet...LOL!)
You know where to find me! email me!


  1. Wowee!!!! The blocks look fantastic together - what a super response you got (but I'm not one bit surprised) - even better you have enough for two quilts! And Yey...can't wait for Wed to hear you on Creative Mojo (my alarm clock is set weekly so I don't miss Mark's show) - You + Mark = A Show that CAN NOT BE MISSED!!!!

  2. I'd volunteer to help out but I'm too far south. The blocks look beautiful.

  3. Does the job come with room and board? hehehehe Your plate runneth over, how fantastic is that! Have a blast with ML, should make for a great show. And the blocks look amazing, he's going be wrapped in love from coast to coast!

  4. Best wishes to the recipient of the quilt(s)! Say hi and send our regards to Material Obsession!! Love Love Love MO and wish her best.

  5. Yay! The quilt is going to be awesome as usual...quilters are fantastic people, what a great load of blocks! Have a fabulous trip!

  6. The blocks are so beautiful. The quilts will be fantastic. I really like the orange and yellow that got mixed in. Good call, people. Take time to enjoy the trip. All things will wait for the right time. Have fun!

  7. A wonderful response from agreat community of quilters.
    Is it only 2 weeks doesn't seem possiable.

  8. PS - Making the anvil blocks for you was so much fun I started my own quilt last week! It's nearly all cut and ready to start going together. :)

  9. Love all those block together, fabulous assortment of prints/colors/textures. Anvil is a great block, may discover more coming together here as well...

  10. The blocks look fantastic altogether! Wish I lived in NYC, you know I'd fill the paperwork for you!

  11. These anvil blocks are fabulous!
    I was watching you reveiving your award at Craftsy, I got quite moved, I am so happy for you !

  12. You're welcome. It was my pleasure! Such a fast and easy block to make. They all look so beautiful together!!! Best wishes in getting everything done. I wish I had someone in the city to help you get things done. Perhaps an angel will arrive and help!

  13. What a great mix!! I do believe you have enough for a couple quilts- so many they go beyond the design wall even. Zoom, zoom!!


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