Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Please visit 

for more information.
Fill out the form for shipping, 
SHIP with delivery confirmation.
Mark outside of your box with the number generated after you fill out the form.

Also, I made a goof in the video, I meant to say 100 quilts for babies, 
and 100 twin sized for mom's, 
(not 200 each, just 200 total ) But we will find homes with whatever we receive.

Deadline for this project is June 1st. Unless we reach it before. (That would be really nice!)

Thanks to the FABULOUS FOLKS below
 for offering up their pattern/s to provide inspiration
 for your Donation quilts!

Prairie moon Quilts

By the way,  if you sent blocks last week, it should be in this stack I got today. I skimmed through quickly to send emails to those I've rcvd from. A bunch don't have a name attached to them, or email. A beautiful african block, one from Northfield, MI, no email for Jeanne C... if one of these is yours, could you email me please? Thanks! THANKS! ~


  1. *sniff*....*sniff*....omgosh Victoria...I started my day today in tears (out of the blue an FB friend from Canada sent us a card for the loss of our they were happy memory tears...sort of)...and now as I head to bed of course I couldn't do it without visiting your blog...and you've got me boo-hooing again...hahaha. I think what you do is so wonderful and giving and gosh...I could go on and on...(oops, I kinda have already..)...anyways..I am so there with a baby quilt...have one just waiting for a home...I'll visit the BB site and look for the form. You are an Angel!

  2. Hi Victoria! You are such a wonderful hard working person, I will check out what I have to send to you and get it in the mail...Thanks for all you do!

    Quilty Hugs! Julianne

  3. Victoria.. Your are awesome! I printed out my form with the number on it ready to mail. But it shows it is a twin and I clicked on baby. Can you note that so you aren't surprised when it arrives?

    Thank you.. Joy

  4. Are there any longarmers out there who would quilt a top for charity? I have a twin sized top with backing that I will donate if someone would quilt it.

  5. I see my envelope on top of the pile so now I know it did not get lost in the mail. Yeah!

  6. You should be proud of yourself. I am proud of you too, and I do not even know you. Today, you have inspired me!

  7. Victoria your work for charity is so amazing. I am honored to be able to help by giving easy free patterns to people and by making quilts for the charity.

    I think you will get 100 quilts in just a few minutes time... off to print!

  8. Leaning into the discomfort is certainly bringing a lot of quilts to those who need comfort! Keep it up! I need to send another quilt for Basics and can send a baby quilt, too. Will print the form and get the process rolling. Thanks for your generous heart, Victoria. :-)

  9. And THIS is why I live your video posts~your blog has come to life with your passion and energy encouraging us to "lean into the discomfort"~

    You have given me so much to think about...( I have written that saying down and hung it in my sewing room so I can do some thinkin' while I sew..)and at the same time I am off to download the paperwork for a baby quilt for a special baby~

    Thanks for charting the course Victoria for all of us that are waiting for the chance to help~ ♥E

  10. Hi Victoria, you are doing an amazing job to share your love of quilting and along the way helping those that are in need. I also wanted to say that the NYC Blog is great and I will be following that as well. You are a great inspiration. Have a great day!

  11. Hey V, I put my return address on the envelope but didn't enclose my name in the envelope. Mine is an african fabric block. I also sent you an email with a photo of the block enclosed. And I posted it to my facebook page as well...on February 22nd

  12. Victoria, What you are doing is wonderful. I have you 2 twin quilts being sent off tomorrow. The quilting is not perfect because I'm still learning Just got my longarm in Nov. But they were made with lots of love.
    I also want you to know that I love your live posts. I check your blog regularly for inspiration. Keep up the great work girl!!!!!

  13. V- you are such an inspiration to us all. Thanks for all you do. One of my goals this year is to get a quilt made for you. Have a fun trip.


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