Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mod and Videos

*Our NYC MOD meeting was Saturday,and it felt like EVERYONE came to share! It was a large meeting, with loads of inspiration flying around the room!  Diane S, had this little cutie to share. You cans  see why I jumped up to take a picture! Love that made fabric star!

I had asked my friend Linda Lum DeBono, if she'd come share her books and projects with us, and she did! It was like having Christmas all over again! So many bright happy colors, and fun holiday themed projects from her new book,Sew Merry and Bright: 20 Easy, Fun, and Festive Patterns (That Patchwork Place)
Thanks Linda for coming by to share your work with us!  Be sure to swing by Linda's website and say hi.

*So why the videos lately?

I've been calculating how much time I spend at my computer... waaay to much!
Do you know how many more quilts I could have done? LOL!

I'm trying to find a balance of the time I spend sitting here typing away, and getting work done on quilts.  I know the blog is a good way to share, but it really does take me LESS time to shoot a 4-5 minute video... or even better 2-3 minute, which I can shoot it, then let it upload, which takes a while, so I can get up and walk away while the computer does it's work! More sewing time!

Typing, loading images, thinking about what I want to say, sometimes it's an hour or more for posts...

I know many of you are skimmers. You come to see the pics and then scoot away. We all do that, I get it. I have also found out that many of you peak at blogs at work! tsk tsk! ;-)  hahaha! This is kind of fun learning all these things!

I'm good with that. Sometimes we only have minutes...I get it.

I  may try to do a combo of videos  with a couple posts in between... I will always have back up images to go with the videos unless I'm totally "in a pickle" with time.  Currently, this image above shows 10 projects on the pile... See what I mean? Where do I start?

I've tried posting less, but I get to many ideas that  I think are fun to share... haha! Oh well... Balance, That's what life is all about. Right?

So. Thanks for your input, it's great that you all shared your thoughts, and I appreciate each one of them.
Perhaps I can satisfy all... A little of both...

We will see.


*My studio is in the Spring issue of STUDIOS!  Check it out! I can't wait to see it myself!

*For now, I'm heading up to my friend John's place today, to try out his long arm machine...
No, I don't use a long arm... I quilt on a JUKI home machine...
But... it may save me more time, something to think about! When you are a one woman show, you need all your minutes!

**Oh! Before I forget...
Hopefully by the end of the week I will have my details in order for a new community project... Baby quilts and Twin size quilts for 70 families...  Don't email me yet with questions, please wait for the post... Details soon!



P.S. See what I mean about thinking of a million things I could tell you?

P.P.S. Have you bought a copy of my Book yet?  Get one signed by me here! Thanks!
Support your friendly quilter!  ;-) Buy from the author!

P.P.S. I had so many really nice emails, and SOOO many I could nto respond to because your emails are listed as NO REPLY COMMENTS... this means I can not hit, "reply" to your comment, it goes nowhere... 
How to fix it? Go to your blogger dashboard, click blogger profile, then edit profile,
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I feel bad when I can't answer your emails to say thanks!


  1. Love that star, too, made fabric is so neat. I can't wait for the Studios magazine to come out. I love looking at the work space of other artists. So glad you're in there too, I will so enjoy seeing your studio, victoria.

    Happy February, may it be all you hope for.

  2. I really loved the videos! They show more of your personality and they are very interesting! Sorry I didn't comment before...I tend to be silent most of the time. I read my blogs at night!

  3. Am enjoying the videos, please carry on with them!! I am on wordpress blog and can't seem to find where to go about a no reply blogger, so have just put my email addy in about me page.
    I too love the star quilt, lovely and cheerful.
    Love your studio and apartment, wish I had lots of space like that!!!

  4. You are going to be in another magazine?! Congratulations! 10 projects in process? Good grief! I have been taking the slow road in sewing so far this year, but I am going to have to kick it up a notch. I need to get a stash of baby quilts made so if I need one I can go shopping in my own closet.

  5. Tell John I says hello from Poughkeepsie :0). Ask him who his best teacher has been :0) not me.

    Yes, I don't know how you keep juggling all that you do! I enjoy visiting your blog, pictures, words and videos... I look at it all.

    Happy Sewing

  6. Video away if it makes things easier for you to share with all of us. It's okay to tip the balance in your own favor!!

  7. I agree with Quiltdivajulie!

    I am loving your videos. I find I won't read longer blog postings, so listening to yours has been fabulous. I feel like I'm getting so much more information and share in your enthusiasm. I hope you continue to do lots of them.

  8. Your quilt is beautiful!! I'm a skimmer, so miss whatever's on your videos. I like photos, though! My birthday is the same as your grandmother's! But I'm not 94, not yet.

  9. Please do the videos and the odd blog. I also like the videos because it is like "hanging" with you. If I am busy, I watch the videos later and I do read all of your blog. Thanks for it all. Liz

  10. You can come try out my longarm any time :-)

  11. I read every word of every post! LOL!
    Videos are a little longer to watch than reading a post but it's all good! You do whatever works for you.

  12. Congratulations! Studios is my favorite magazine, so I'll be sure to check out yours. I have been rearranging my spaces for days now, and still have more to finish. It's amazing to see how much I really had that was stashed under tables, or in bins that I'd forgotten.

  13. I love the videos and I read everything, too. Just do what gives you the time you need to quilt--you make such beautiful quilts! I love your book (I ordered it from you!) and I actually used the book immediately and made some fabric. It's a book I'll really use, not just put on the shelf.
    Judy McNeel

  14. Victoria---Renee again---perhaps you tried to e-mail me?
    Well if you did I will click the e-mail follow-up bottom on the bottom,so you will be Be able to e-mail me at, otherwise try me at reneeton@optonline .net-----also I just created a blog ---- this helps our communication
    Keep stitchin'
    Renee (reneesews)

  15. Victoria---Renee again---perhaps you tried to e-mail me?
    Well if you did I will click the e-mail follow-up bottom on the bottom,so you will be Be able to e-mail me at, otherwise try me at reneeton@optonline .net-----also I just created a blog ---- this helps our communication
    Keep stitchin'
    Renee (reneesews)

  16. I like the videos and sympathize with your desire to speed up the communication. I'm pretty terse on my own blog because I'm not fast on the keyboard. Maybe a combo for the skimmers???


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