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home from QUILTCON

Can you imagine, all those fabulous quilters in one place, how much crazy fun we were having! here's a collection of our NYC MOD members at QuiltCon.... ( most people have NO idea how much fun, quilter's can have!) ;-)  I shouldn't tell them either, should I?

Here's a quick run through of some of the winners, and a selection of quilts I enjoyed seeing at the MODERN QUILT GUILD'S, first GUILD SHOW! If anyone has aLINKS for the quilts I don't know, Please email me so I can add them. Thanks!

 Best Machine Quilting
Sponsored by Stitch Magazine and Quilting Arts Magazine
The Local Quilt : Carolyn Friedlander
She makes patterns,and I think you can buy this pattern!
Coats & Clark Quilting Excellence 

Sing It Out Loud  :  Karen L. Anderson-Abraham

I love a good mixture of scrappy and fabulous hand stitching... The center was reversed appliqué, and all hand quilted with perle, with many nice details of stitching, look closer below. By rachel Hauser.

 Really loved the elegance of this quilt by Nancy Scott

 Fun abstracts: Mobile by Elizabeth Brandt

 My "Makin me crazy" quilt...

 Fun quilt, tons of quilting

 Great color from Rachel Hauser
 Great Simplicity and quilting

 I'm sorry I don't have the names of many of these... I know this one is my friend Shelly's quilt! (Prairiemoon quilts)

 Very appealing color palette and movement!

Thomas Knauer and Lisa Sipes did this "In Defense of Handmade" quilt. Gotta say, I LOVED this quilt. Clever, thoughtful, and perfectly quilted.

 Kathy York's quilt was so fresh and beautiful..those orange crosses.... love! She has a great post up about making this quilt. visit her blog here.

Power of WORDS, Power of Images, power of QUILTS!
This was one of Jacquie Gering's quilts, which I JUST LOVED. If you haven't read about this please pop over to Jacquie's blog to read about it here. Powerful thought provoking quilt, and very special.  

All quilts have a story, some are stronger and more obvious then others. There were a few at the show that pushed the envelope, and I think all for the good. I hope people will stop and investigate before jumping to conclusions.  Quilting is so therapeutic, and if you need to work it out in a quilt, then I say do it. 

I ran through the show before it was open one day and was able to get a good look around. I have to say, the amount of work these Board members of the MODERN QUILT GUILD, and volunteers have done, to produce this show, each and everyone deserves a round of applause!  They put on a beautiful show, in the way that represents what they have created, and MODERN GUILD that has quilters buzzing! They provided many wonderful teachers, lectures and loads of inspiration to quilters who are once again excited about learning to quilt! 
Well done!

And a HUGE "Thank you" to Meredith Schroeder, head of AQS, and Richard Louise for sponsoring the BEST OF SHOW award.

When I was piecing this quilt, I did not think I was going to get it done in time for submissions. ( of course it came down right to the wire...Can't help when inspiration hits!
Could I quilt it fast enough to make it good enough? No... so, I called Lisa, and said, hey,"Can you please join me, and quilt this baby up for me lickety split?" She said yes! So, She was on her own for the quilting... Her eye, her vision, her talent...So THANK YOU LISA SIPES for being a long arm rock star! Pop over to LISA's blog and tell her what a amazing job she did on the quilting.  I'm honored, humbled, and so thankful.

Some of you had asked what it said on my artist statement about the quilt:

I was thinking about how I fit as a "MODERN QUILTER." I try to find inspiration in what exists, (traditions and wisdom of those before me) as my first step. I then find a way to put my spin on it. I started with Jay MacCarroll's Center City fabric line, made an entire quilt top from it, then cut it all up to make the pieces I needed. I focused on the movement and the negative space that would affect the overall traditional pattern of the double wedding ring. It was a challenging, but very satisfying quilt to make.


  1. I love where you find your inspiration! The traditions and wisdom of those who have come before us is a treasure trove! Your quilt is a modern twist on a traditional design. Lisa's quilting truly enhanced the quilt!

  2. Thanks for posting so many pix from QuiltCon - they're wonderful and great inspiration, too! Congrats on your amazing creation ~ So exciting to see a fresh, fun take on a traditional patttern!

  3. Thank You for posting the pictures - my quilt is the peach and black one ... It's Just Peachy with the flowing quilting. Congratulatons on your win !
    Nancy Scott
    Masterpiece Quilting
    Berne IN

  4. I loved living vicariously through you on FB the past few days and am so glad you posted more pic here. I am beyond thrilled for you! Congratulations! So when am I going to see you???

  5. You more than deserve all of the kudos and attention you have received at Quilt Con. Thank you for sharing everything for those of us who were unable to attend.

  6. Thank you for sharing so many of the quilts - I keep jumping around trying to see more. While I like more traditional, I am so inspired and fascinated by the different thought process and making of the modern.

  7. Congrats Victoria. The quilt is awesome - Hugs Nat

  8. What amazing photos! Thank you for sharing QuiltCon with us, V! And congrats to you! Bet you'll be riding cloud nine for awhile! Thanks for letting us ride along with you!

  9. Thank you so much, V. I have to tell you, I almost pooed my pants when I got that phone call. And I wasn't very confident in my ability to pull this one off. So I'm glad that your quilt really felt like having a conversation with me. Because I think we got along pretty well. And I am so thankful and honored that you trusted this beauty to ME! Once again congratulations on your win. I want to see a picture of your ribbon hanging up!
    Also, I just have to say that I agree with you whole heartedly on the therapeutic abilities of quilting. And that's all I'm going to say about that! ;)

  10. I love when I am able to get a view of a show I can't attend. It always makes me jealous that I wasn't able to go but I still love seeing all the beauty that is there. Your quilt deserved the prize! Congratulations!

  11. Congrats again on Best in Show. So many talented quilts up there. It was great getting a chance to meet you.

    Your choices are a some of my faves. If you like, I can look through my pictures and get you some names. Right off the bat, two of those quilts are made by Rachel, the hand stitched medallion and the great color picks were her two at the show.

    Now back to life after QuiltCon! Thankfully all that swag fabric will keep me buzzing.

  12. Thanks very much for these pictures of the most amazing quilts, they were as good as anything I have seen, if not better, stunning designs and colour combinations. So wonderful that you are Best in Show, nobody deserves it more.

  13. Your artist statement was the best! You are definitely carrying on a grand tradition in your very unique and personal fashion. And I love, love, love that quilt!!!

  14. I really enjoyed looking at this quilt at the show. I loved that it was displayed so the viewer could walk right up to it and it was not roped off.

    This quilt is very creative and I loved how you interpreted a very traditional pattern. Big congratulations!

  15. thanks for showing us all these lovelies. I don't want to sound picky, but what were the hanging stands like? In all the pix from Quiltcon, it seems to me that the dowel through the quilt sleeve is too big and it shows on the front. was it that noticeable in real life? It could be the shadows in the pix.

  16. Congratulations, Victoria! I did not get a chance to meet you at QuiltCon. There was so much to do and see! Thanks for featuring two of my quilts here, and thanks to Jenny for linking to me at Stitched in Color. I am definitely honored that my quilts caught your eye!

  17. Thanks for showing all these great quilts from the show. It looks like a great time. I agree that quilting is our therapy and it brings joy and comfort to many.

  18. Thanks so much for sharing these quilts, I appreciate seeing them!

  19. Verry nice quilts. They are so different than the European ideas.
    I love the hidden messages.
    greetings from Belgium

  20. Congratulations on your prize. I love your quilt, it's gorgeous and unexpected and brilliant. I am going to try really hard to come to the next quiltcon!

  21. The Medallion quilt under your friend Shelley's is mine. Thanks for including it.


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